Had my stroke last year in may 2018 I am still tired don't want to do anything I do try but one little thing like wash up and I am tired....is anyone out the like this....got any tips Dolly

Alas, Dolly, this is something we all experience. It does improve but you have to watch yourself as we survivors are all tempted to do too much. Like you, the most I could manage in the first year was one task. I even managed to get the wheelie bin out once a week. I can now do about four reasonable tasks, but rest in between them and when doing them.

We now have friends round for a meal occasionally, but it takes me two days to prepare and cook a three course meal. Serving it and chatting still wears me out, but I battle on. Stroke is a hard task master.

Dear Dolly

John gives wise and kind advice.

I call this "tiredness" stroke fatigue (SF). I can tell when I am sleepy tired as opposed to when I am SF, I appreciate not everyone can differentiate, but I think its helpful to consider this. In my case it is essential for me to get my full night times sleepy sleep. Otherwise the SF runs riot.

For a long time I only got 45 minutes action before the SF descended. Now its easing, but so slowly you could miss it ! Fighting SF is a bad move. Go with it and rest when the SF descends, or better still before it descends.

I find that as soon as I am up, dressed, breakfasted etc then I sit and nap for say 40 minutes. This gives me the best chance of having a good day SF wise.

Amazing that SF is hardly mentioned in medical circles. As you are finding, its the worst after effect of all. It could be that your brain is closing down whilst it repairs the damage (medical speak is neuro plasticity).

I do however promise you it will improve. Ever so slowly, but it does get better.

So please be positive and please smile a lot.

Many of us are out here cheering you on






Thank you Colin I am trying it is hard work as I was so active good to have someone to talk to 


Thank you John I will keep trying had a couple of cries trying to accept this stroke is a hard one..... Dolly


Is there an app to put on your android to make it easy to get here dolly

Dolly, It is very hard but try to keep your spirits up. I try to laugh at myself as I am forever tottering, swaying or talking to my wonky side. Then I will be bloody minded and make myself walk, exercise and do things. My patience is stretched by peeling garlic cloves, potatoes and apples, but I battle on. It doesn't really help when people say 'you're doing really well' as you know you are nothing like the way you were a few years ago.

Try to stay busy and enjoy what you can do not think about what you can't do anymore.

Hi Dolly I had my stroke in 2017 and I still have days where fatigue hits me.  There are good days and bad and just when you are going in the right direction bam it hits you again.  Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do, except to think about the things you do achieve each day.  I have managed to get back to work for two mornings a week after a year off, but I have every alternate day off, to recharge the batteries.  Good luck Wendy

Yes it is hard going.

Please think in terms that you will feel better in time. It really does ease if you keep at it. All the resting seems a waste of our lives, but its the only way to get our brains to recover.

Most of us were above average in fitness for our respective ages. If we were not then I doubt  we would survive. Or even worse we would survive and be totally bed bound etc.

But we were chosen to survive and perhaps we are saved for a reason. We are special. We got through and now we get a chance at a new life. 

So smile

Be positive

And remember lots of us are out here for you

Best wishes



After my TIA in 2018 I couldn't beleive the fatigue. If I sat down I fell asleep not 40 winks, this was 2-3 hours any time of day. My family were so worried they used to take it in turns to house sit, after I managed to leave a pan on to boil an egg!

1.5 years later and all is well. I returned to work full time after 6 weeks, however had to start on 1/2 days etc. And slept the rest!


I had a TIA in April this year followed by a stroke in June.

I've not been left with any physical impairment, but I suffer badly from Fatigue.

I try to cycle or walk short distances to improve my fitness.

The fatigue is an everyday occurance for me it is made worse by exercises, but it also occurs without really doing anything physical. It is just an after effect from my strokes.

I just don't fight it and hope it will improve with time which is something I've been told by my hospital consultant.


I have had three separate events since August. Last one was three weeks ago. Firsts two were treated as tia, but last one treated as posterior circulation stroke but nothing showing on mri. I am left with left sided weakness, and balance problems( vertigo), and really bad fatigue. Went for a walk yesterday and feeling wiped out today. My vision is also affected. I feel in limbo and quite despondent as stroke Con sultant has referred me onto neurologist as he does not think it is stroke, as not showing on mri. I'm feeling so low.

I am hoping things get better for you. 


I had a stroke in September 2017. Luckily, it didn't incapacitate me unduly, but I have been left weaker on my right side. However I still suffer on some days with overwhelming fatigue, and on those days I feel really useless. Other days, I feel pretty much OK. I try to walk as much and as often as I can with my dog, but sometimes that morning walk knocks me out for the rest of the day. On bad days, concentration and the will to work in the garden, is missing completely and all I want to do is sit and rest.

Does this sound familiar to anyone ?  


I agree with what everyone who has contributed to this post. I had my stroke in April this year. Sometimes I think I'm going backwards.  SF is so difficult and there is no way you can fight it. I also have a prostate problem which causes me to get up in he night three or four times which doesn't help my sleep pattern. At least my neorologist and urologist do speak to each other about my problem so they are doing their best. I do have to rest a lot and one task a day is good and enough at the moment for me. Having said that I also look after my partner who has Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia so I'm having to do all washing, ironing, cleaning. meal preparation and cooking. Mind you that keeps me going. Always looking forward to better day. People keep reminding me that I have to be patient, not that easy for me but hey ho onwards and upwards. Take care everyone.   

Hi I had two brain bleeds plus an aneurysm and stroke Iv recovered well still walking and talking but still get very tired after a year Iv been lucky though as I’m still here I have polyneuropathy as well but just need to ignore it as much as poss Iv got in my lips on one side since my stroke and that annoys me the most 

im a bit weaker on right side as well but managing on blood pressure meds now as well My short term memory is rubbish now I also now have polymialgia 

The tiredness for me is the worst I’m fine some days and can walk the dog but just can’t every dayb


The constant tiredness was very upsetting to me because I used to walk around a lot. Bus not coming soon? Just walk. This time I couldn't and my physiotherapist walked me down and back from the corner shop continuously. I also practiced when she wasn't there, resting twice on the way. I drink a lot of fluids, My diet is predominantly keto now and I try to practice walk with my walking stick every day. I pray every day too and it's getting better. Good vibes, peace and healing to everyone. 

Very tired all the time.feeling upset and angry.

Feeling angry and upset 

it's been 10 months.life has changed .


it's happened to me 

I’m trying to find Keto recipes Iv paid and downloaded some but can’t follow it all online