Tired and words getting mixed up

hi had my stroke in may it was not a bad one and was in hospital overnight.after i came out felt tired and speech was ok just lately i seem tired a lot more in the afternoons and some of my words dont come out right wil this pass in time i hope so

I think we all recover differently. This is a quick rundown of my experience, if it helps. Good luck with the recovery.




Very evocative Adrian. Your resolutions were the same as mine, although I had a full stroke and was not overweight. Like you, I ended up on a ward with a mixed collection of other men. Apart from the agency nurses, all my nurses were superb, as were the physios. Nowadays, I get a lot of ‘you look well’, but I am still in recovery after two and a half years.

An excellent read, thank you for sharing. I`m sure the early parts, everyone will remember their own experiences and personalities. Its just so hard to convey to others the difficulties inside our own heads when all that is seen is the exterior. I might use your story and point people in this direction to educate them. I`m 2 and a half years post stroke and still have physical weakness to contend with, but the mental side is far more difficult explain. 

Thank you so much for sharing your story Adrian.  Great details which I'm sure resonate with many on this site.  It's wonderful to hear how much progress you have made, in spite of all the 'what ifs', you've fought your battle and have managed to embrace your new life.  Bizarrely the most poignant moment for me was the info that you haven't touched crisps since your personal promise - don't know why that made my eye leak, when there were so many other emotional details, think I must be a bit odd!!  

Keep up the brilliant work, so pleased your book was published, and look forward to hearing from you on this site, best wishes xx

I hope you can spare some time to read Adrian's story, I think that will really motivate you, and give you reassurance for the future.  Very best wishes xx

What a brilliant tale. Gives us hope and inspiration.  Thank you so much for sharing.