Tips for adapting your computer - new blog

We have a new blog out today, written by a Disability Consultant at AbilityNet. It features some of their tips for adapting your computer after a stroke.

Do you have any tips or suggestions for things that really help you?

I have an up to date laptop (2021 model). I specifically bought this one because it has a wireless mouse included. I find this easier and simpler to use than the touch pad. Stroke has affected my coordination and this seems to make it difficult to use the touch pad. I can use the touch pad for basic stuff but I do find the mouse easier to use overall.

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thats a good idea - I am fortunate in that I haven’t been physically badly affected but I do find that my right hand is a bit “slow” (I’m left handed) and the touch pad is just over sensitive

Alex, the Disability Consultant at AbilityNet, has included a link in the blog for slowing down your mouse. AbilityNet actually also have an article on how to slow down your trackpad. I’ve included it below in case it helps:

There is also an article for Macs if that is what you use: How to slow down the mouse in macOS 12 Monterey | My Computer My Way