Tiny One Page Calendar

You might find this tiny calendar useful for checking days and dates:

I hope you like it.

Keep on keepin’ on
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follow the link below for more:
calendar 2023


In the spirit of Canned Heat, ‘lets work together!’ loving this calendar Bobbi, my brain is making sense of it and its easy to read.

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I’m curious how you access and when you use? I just look at my phone diary and I can make entries that sync with the rest of the family too.
I can see reason to print and stick on the fridge or in a wallet (If anyone still carries one) or ‘by the phone’ if you still have a tethered land line . Otherwise maybe there is a wider organising trick I’m not using?

There is a link in that post, perhaps following that will elucidate.

Then again, @SimonInEdinburgh perhaps it will be as clear as mud.

There are no tricks around here, buddy.

Missed the significance of the link…but then when I got there I found my first every valid use of “TL;DR”
Least I know there’s a basis that would have been universal before smartphone diaries were prevalent