Does anyone have tinnitis since stroke recovery.? I have and some days it's worse than others. This is one of those days!

Yes, me! Mine is a side effect of aspirin. Luckily, if you look at it that way, I am half deaf so I can only hear it properly when I wear my hearing aids when I go out in company. My husband has it constantly (he isn't deaf!) and the hospital gave him a machine to send him to sleep but it didn't last very long and some hearing aids to wear that played white noise but he wouldn't wear those so he just suffers instead.

Yes I have tinnitus in one ear most days and find it’s a lot worse if I’m stressed. I also take aspirin like Brenda but I had tinnitus before I started taking it.

I have a hearing aid which was supplied by the NHS which plays ‘white noise’ - it is good and cuts out the tinnitus for me. It also plays the sound of water which I use occasionally and it also has a volume control which you can use to turn the noise down.

When I get stressed it’s a lot worse but the hearing aid definitely helps.


I think you're  right. Stress does make it worse. I must try not to get depressed. Thanks for your reply. Joyce

I am like your husband and find it easier to suffer! Although I've noticed stress makes it worse. Thank you for your reply. Joyce 

Dear Joyce

Yes I get tinnitus and its a lot worse since stroke. If I am clogged by hay fever or asthma or a cold then the tinnitus is worse, So I keep my ears clear with ear drops, take cetirizine to ward off hay fever and I have a new powder asthma spray to keep the asthma at bay. Before stroke I didnt bother and put up with it. None of my symptoms are bad. Just annoying.

Best of all is a "tinnitus relaxer" which is a small machine that plays white noise with a selection of sounds on top. It was about £28 and well worth the money. I believe the NHS will sometimes give one for those that cant afford the £28.

I use it to relax or to fall off to sleep.