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Good morning, is it normal to just randomly get tingly hand stroke side, I’m 6 months post stroke, I have woken up today with an awful cold which I know I’ve caught from work so don’t feel great and I know I’ve done too much at work in the past couple of weeks and it’s caught up with me, stroke wise I feel I’m doing really well I’m just my own worst enemy and don’t know when to stop. I’m guessing it’s a mixture of doing too much and feeling a bit run down as apart from the cold I’m absolutely fine. Sorry for the boring post I hope everyone is keeping well x

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Great to hear from you! Hope you feel better soon.

As for stroke symptoms, they vary an awful lot from one survivor to another. Doesn’t mean you won’t get good advice though. I have a tingly hand virtually 24/7 though its been there virtually from when I had the stroke, so scarcely notice it. Sometimes get sharp shooting pains from down my leg, again, I just ignore and carry on. I’m just over the six month mark.
I don’t think it does a lot of good comparing yourself with others apart from getting general pointers to help find a direction.
You are a special case, as are we all. You must find your own way through all this, but you will get support, this Forum is very useful, it can help you in many ways, it is here for a special case, like you, like me and like the others.
I know I haven’t solved anything for you, but could just be what you have written might be helping another. So don’t stop contributing, it is all valuable stuff.


@Katielou1884 I’ve heard of other people who get random tingling in their stroke side. I don’t have it myself but if you’ve overdone it that may well explain it.
If you’ve got the same cold Isymptoms as i’ve got then that probably isn’t helping. The first few days it made me feel really rough & made my head feel like it did straight after my stroke.
If it persists you should speak to your GP.
Hope you feel better soon xx

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I had a tingly stroke hand for a long time. Now it just lacks sensitivity but, oddly, it feels pain more.

Luckily I don’t feel too bad at the minute with my cold just a heavy head but it’s my first day so that could all change, I hope you feel better soon I know so many people not well with coughs and colds at the minute xx

Thank you. Hopefully your cold won’t get too bad. There does seem to be lots with colds at minute. Guess we’ve been sheltered for 2 years because of covid.
Get well soon xx

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The consultant told me if you have any other illness it will exacerbate your stroke symptoms ,my tingly hand has recently stopped tingling after 7 months!

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I sometimes wonder if these sensations are the brain making attempts to get back on the grid. I get muscle spasms that erupt in random places, they are distracting but not painful. I tend to think it’s my brain having a go at working that muscle, or it could be a misfire (malfunction). Every time, I have been ill or injured after stroke, my symptoms tend to retreat into the background, that’s why I think anxiety has played a rather prominent role in the efficacy of my recovery rate. I’ve had Norovirus twice, and Covid since stroke, and all during that time I was so fixated on feeling ill, I didn’t focus much on my stroke symptoms. It’s a funny old brain.


If you sit on, awkwardly pose or somehow cut off circulation to a part of your body so it ‘goes to sleep’ at first there is numbness, then a tingling sensation as feeling returns, eventually normality returns as sensation is re-aquired. I wonder if this is a similar process? In the case of numbness, rubbing the affected area speeds up the return to normality, I wonder . . .

Dunno, just

keep on keepin’ on

(thinking back I recall the nurses in hospital suggesting rubbing the area with a rough towel)

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Morning Katie,
Sorry to hear that. Perhaps it depends on the type of stroke you had. I had a Lucunar Infarct in December which basically was a pure sensory stroke. I now have permanent tingling in my right side, plus pain the in the right hand. Apparently the nerves can take years to grow back (my nerves were damaged). Sometimes I notice them more than others, depending on what I have been doing. You are very early on in your stroke recovery and sound like you are doing well but we all need to be kind to ourselves and pace ourselves. I find if I overdo it I suffer for a couple of days. The post stroke fatigue is the hardest thing to cope with and you are doing very well if you have returned to work. Not a boring post at all. Take care x

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Good morning sorry for my delayed reply I had the same stroke as you, to be honest what I know about it I’ve found out myself it was never really explained much when I was in hospital and I have only spoken to someone from the stroke team once since leaving hospital I sometimes king of feel like your left to fend for yourself, the tingling isn’t as bad but it’s still there but I also don’t sleep great 2-3 hours a night if I’m lucky which I also know won’t help it’s just a vicious circle isn’t it. I have probably done too much at work recently which is also probably catching up. X

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Good morning Katie,

You don’t need to apologise for the delay as if you are like me you sometimes find it difficult to do paperwork or concentrate on the computer. Sometimes I just can’t be bothered or have the energy. I wasn’t given any information in hospital either. I did ask what Lacunar meant and no-one ever told me. I looked it up on the internet. Like you I have been left to fend for myself and when I did manage to talk to a Consultant on the phone months after my stroke he really played down the tingling and tiredness. It is only since being on this forum that I have discovered that I am not alone. My tingling isn’t as bad as it was either but as you say, it is still there. Excercise can make it tingle but I think it does it good. I also had a one off sign off appointment with a Stroke nurse 6 months after my stroke (not having had an appointment with one even when I had the Stroke). I asked her to refer me to Physio, Fatigue Management and a Psychiatrist at the suggestion of my neighbour who is actually a Stroke Physio. Just last week I have come to the top of the waiting list and am seeing a nurse tomorrow to start the ball rolling. Perhaps you could ask for some help too? Also, if you are back at work then I would think that definitely makes you tired. It certainly is vicious circle and you have to take care of yourself. I have been overdoing it lately and spent the whole weekend doing nothing as I was so tired. Take care of yourself and hope you manage to get some help. x

KatieLou i hope you are feeling better. I developed epilepsy 6 months to the day after my stroke last december. The reason I am telling you this is bacause my first siezure happened because I was a little run down and each time I have had a siezure it has started with a ‘phantom’ twitching in my left hand. I’m not trying to frighten you, or suggest that you have epilepsy…but the 6 months and tingly hand thing so reminded me of my own situation that I just wanted to give you a head’s up for possibilities so that you can take precautions. like for example…make sure you get lots of rest…or if you have been under the weather and live alone…perhaps have a friend or relative come and stay for a couple of days just so that you are not alone

Rups…was just reading your response about tingling…In my own experience when there has been tingling there have been improvements in the sensation of the limb.

In the last 2 weeks since I have begun to drive again, I believe the neuroplasticity thing is working again. I have tingling down the right edge of my right foot (affected site). I am really hopeful that sensation is coming back to a degree in my foot.

I have read a lot around this issue of neuro plasticity and understand that even years after stroke sensation can return along with movement. In my case I have some movement and now it appears that sensation may be following

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I had a very mild stroke in August this year. I still have a slight problem with my hand stroke side. I find it interesting to read how common this is. Only really affects two fingers and part of my hand. It helps to know I’m not alone with this side affect. I’m lucky being retired it’s easier for me not to overdo it. Good luck everyone at least we are all survives.