Tingling worries

Hi I had a sensory stroke July 2020 and experience permanent numbness and tingling all down my right hand side. My worries are that sometimes the numbness and tingling seem worse than at other times and I worry that I am having another stroke. My Consultant advised me that symptoms can vary daily. So how are you supposed to know if you are having another stroke. Also I sometimes find it difficult remembering specific words when in conversation which affects the flow of conversation. Has anyone else experienced the above. I am reluctant to ask my doctor because I don't want to go to hospital. Apart from the above I am okay. Regards Julie

I am only 8 weeks post stroke and I am told I am recovering well. I can walk independently and speak well. I have pins and needles down my left side mainly in arm and leg but a little in face on occasions. 

The severity of this definitely varies daily. I am trying to track how it varies depending on how much exercise I have done, how fatigued I am, how much sleep I have had etc. 

I must admit I haven't considered it being another stroke - I would only start to worry if I had some of the other symptoms - speach, vision, ability to walk etc.

I am not an expert but I definitely have daily variations which I find frustrating!

Thank you that's reassuring and a good idea to track the severity of the symptoms to what you have been doing