Tingling and numbness

Hi. I’m 5 months post stroke. The whole of my right side was hit, and I have no sense of touch.
I have a feeling the my stroke side skin surface is “mutating”. Numbness and tingling are taking over, and my stomach is touched too… had terrible emptying of bowels and pain. What’s happening to me ? anyone experienced anything similar?

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Pando, Maybe it’s good news. Could the tingling, etc. be nerve connections “waking up”? Ask your neurologist. In the hospital they used electrical stimulation to “wake up” my arm and leg on the affected side. Anyway, I think symptoms are not always something to be afraid of, but perhaps just the next phase of your healing and recovery. The bowel problems could be many things–irritable bowel, like Loraine said, constipation from medication, etc. etc. , but I’d have the doc check it out–aways smart to check with the doctor. Your pretty new in stroke recovery. I’m 4 1/2 years out and still recovering. It’s a long process and many changes usually occur. My best to you. :heart:Jeanne


Thanks for the tips, Jeanne and Loraine,
I really think it’s definitely something to do with nerve connections
I slept okay, but my stomach, stoke side, was a mass of twisted muscles
Bowel probs. could be my wife that started off with a bug…

Definitely the next phase of recovery ; I had tried a wave board machine
for first time and I think it stimulated the stroke-side sensitivity of my body

Thanks for the replies… I was very worried but in the end slept well enough


@pando my neurologist mentioned to me that it was my nerve endings establishing contact again. 2 years post stroke i still get hem in my fingers as try to use affected left hand to type to gain more dexterity . good luck with your progress, check with your GP if it’s due to medication.
regards Chris

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Thx for the reply, Chris
I also think it’s nerve endings
My hand is very sensitive to a feather rubbing up lightly against it
but not touch / pressure. please tell me I’m close though.
Another thing missing is proprioception… also drives me nuts
I pray and wait, thx , Roland

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@pando I’m sure in time that will change, my sense of perception and spatial awareness came back, lots of physio helps along with self determination.
regards Chris

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Take it as a good sign, and keep on doing whatever you’ve been doing.
Speaking from my own personal experience of this, both many years prior to my stroke and since my stroke. I would say that is probably a good sign and that things may be looking up. Have you noticed any small changes in say either your stroke arm/leg since experiencing this.

Years ago I had osteoarthritis in left hip, this in turn meant I favoured my right side more as I started to limp along. The right leg was taking more of my body weight and tended to lean more heavily to the right. This not only reduced hip flexion but also put my spine out of alignment, which in turn put pressure the spine and central nervous system. Thus causing all sorts of knock effects including pain, stiffness…and in unrelated areas. When there is any shift/bulging of the discs or release in nerve pressure you do experience those exact symptoms you mention right down to the emptying of the bowels.

Through a combination of physio exercises and sessions with an osteopath, my spine did unlock and realign itself and increased my hip flexion. But it all happened in the middle of the night and I found it a little scary, I felt I was literally falling apart. Oh but it was such a wonderful feeling when I realised just how free and nimble my body felt in the morning when it had all settled down. :laughing: I’ve since had that hip replaced.

My stroke was just over 2 years ago, left brain, right body. I would say about 6mths ago was the second time I’ve had that experience. It made some improvement in my leg but mainly in my arm and fingers, which is why I write so much on here now, rebuilding my typing speed as well as for the aphasia :smile:

I’d suggest getting in some more stretching exercises - stand as tall as you can to keep straightening out that spine, at the same time wiggle your shoulders as well as your hips to see what else might snap lose :wink:
So good luck, onwards and upwards, it’s all good there :blush:

Thank you Emerald,
Yes, I too go through all sorts of strange feelings within my body
I don’t know good or bad, but quite alarming sensations

I suppose it’s a process of healing and change for the better
Time will hopefully have a settling effect.
Thank you for writing about your experience,
each case is unique, but maybe we go through a certain pattern / trend
ciao, Roland

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Thank you for your reply Mahoney,
the sensitivity to touch that I have is a cross between a tickle and pain
Also, interesting the comparison to shingles
Thx, again, Roland


I see the spine as the key to all things, from the tingles on my tongue and in my throat to my weird toe reactions in resistance training…half want to curl under while the other half want to curl upwards :laughing:

When I had my stroke, fortunately I was sitting down at the time, the whole of my right side just collapsed from face to toes like cutting the string to a puppet. And naturally the spine collapses, curving right over to the right like a slinky.

All the puppetry strings/nerves to my limbs branch out from the spine, the central nervous system. Therefore any physio workouts I do for the right hand, arm, leg or foot I do a few back/core stretching and strengthening exercises first.
I even do a few before I get out of bed in the morning and a few more stretches when I get out of bed. I do this now only because of the experiences I’ve had in the past. There are lots of little stretches and exercises you can be doing just as you go around your daily life, reaching for a cup off the top shelf in an over head cupboard, you can pause a moment to give your spine and good stretch out and a wiggle for example :smile:

The spine is the key and needs to be looked after! The central nervous system comes from the brain, behind the eyes, between the ears, behind the nose and throat, chest and on down to your butt. And nerves are branching off all over the place from those discs of your spine. I deliberately made my tongue tingle last night bed manipulating my spine this and that.

Because it isn’t the simplest thing to know one way or another what will and won’t recover. Take what you do know and can work on yourself and go from there. For me it’s the key to everything, the spine, the key ingredient to all things good! :smile:

I’m going to shut up now because I talk way too much in print :rofl:

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That’s very interesting, Emerald

I enjoyed reading that, I feel your sincerity
I know touch and sensory info travels along the spine
It’s very relevant and I value your insight and experience

Let me have another read of your post, thx, Roland

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Everything come from the core, that’s why its called that, it’s the core to everything :grin:


Here’s to the hope :wink: