Timeout from stroke recovery

Well, I’ve taken a bit of timeout from stroke recovery to deal with Norovirus. A present, my youngest son brought back from a birthday party and shared with us all. My partner and I have been spending lots of time together, neither of quality or tranquility. Hope all are well, I have been reading all the posts but not up to scribing many responses at the moment. :grinning:


Hello @Rups . Hope the family are all on the mend and that you can spend some quality time together this coming weekend. Best wishes Julia

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@Rups hope you’re all feeling better soon. Kids are so kind passing on a their bugs :grimacing: take it easy.

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I recognise the feeling. My grandson caught it at a baby group and shared it generously with all the family including me😂. Not fun! Almost glad to be back on stroke recovery😂

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Gosh, @Brhodes001, I literally cannot stomach it. Although, I am over the worst of it, and only vomited twice, I had all the muscle aches and extreme fatigue which has made more a highly unpleasant time. Especially, since it is so tiresome getting through the day with stroke symptoms, to have the added burden of a virus is just rotten. I sweated profusely last night and woke up shivering. All the joys of parenting.

Hi Rups, I hope you’ve clawed your way out of the Norovirus hole by now, but these extra medical hiccups do mess with one’s head when recovering from a stroke.
I recently had my first aural migraine in 8 months, my stroke arrived while I was having one so it was quite scary for a few minutes. It had much brighter zigzags and patterns than past ones which also lasted longer than ‘normal’. It seemed to activate the after effects of the stroke, constant headache,extreme fatigue, skin on my face being prickly/sensitive day and night, photophobia etc. I checked for fresh stroke symptoms at the beginning, but nothing ‘new’. It took well over two weeks to get back to where I had been in my recovery- so not the usual migraine……
My right occipital lobe was damaged by the stroke and try as I might to find information on migraine/stroke , the link between the two is acknowledged, but clinical interest doesn’t seem to go much further than that. Frustrating :persevere:

I hope your virus has left you with no residual after effects and you have refound the equanimity and pleasures that were there before - life is a bummer at times.
But…. On we all go :+1: there are still laughs and good moments!
Healthy good wishes to all

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Diolch Virginia (@Poozle), it sure does lump extra burden on an already taxing situation. Sometimes, I feel such a wreck. I, thankfully, don’t get migraines but what I think I know about them is that, they themselves, are a bit of a physical phenomenon, so hopefully medical professionals will make some breakthroughs. Hope you are having a pleasant week. I’m going through a bit of a low patch but it usually lifts after a week when the hwyl returns.