Time warp

My husband seems to be stuck in a time warp. He cannot stop thinking about a past era which he says he does not want to do. He is thinking of situations he would rather forget. As he cannot do much because of his vision problems he struggles to get rid of these thoughts. I don’t want to talk about this particular era as it was not a good time for me and he keeps saying ‘you wouldn’t like it if I told you what I was thinking’. He has mentioned one or two names which is enough for me to know what he is thinking about. Any ideas on how I can bring him back to the present as you can’t turn back the clock?

@H5JHR this must be really difficult for you both. It’s likely a stroke effect & in time hopefully will lessen. You could try talking about some happy times, things you both enjoyed etc. Maybe talk about things you’d like to do when he’s a bit better.

Are there things you can do to help his vision problems? Not sure how bad they are but some eye exercises maybe?

With a brain injury it takes time to repair but as his brain repairs/rewires hopefully he can start to focus on happier times.

Best wishes.


Hi Jenny I have visual problems, In early days when all was confusion and I could not motivate myself I found listening to music a great help, others use audio books to move things along and there’s a great range to chose from . Can you get your doctor to help ?
Some folk in my stroke support group have had help from therapist


I have not really got any advice but just hope that you both can find some peace. I can’t begin to Imagine how difficult that must be to go through. We are all thinking of you both x

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