Time time

4 months since family got together
Time and improvement
This shows me no noticeable improvement since last we were all together which made me feel a bit lowi had hoped for better leg movement and the basics of the arm movements
Even if fine movements come later but not a thing

Bet it was lovely to see everyone though. Hopefully the feeling low is a temporary thing.

Yes great afternoon catching up and watching old carryon films, it was more an observation than a full blown malaise, if thief and arm would wake up I woul have something to work with but alas nothing yet just frustration

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May be I’m too unrealistic about the brain recovering that is all that holds me back

Acceptance is a big part of moving forward in stroke recovery. Not easy but i do think there comes a point where we have to accept things aren’t the same. Sometimes what we want and what we get aren’t the same thing. I have trouble walking but i’ve accepted that is how it is for now & i have adapted to accommodate my current mobility level. That doesn’t mean I have given up hope more that I don’t dwell on it & live as best I can. I still exercise in the hope I see more improvements but alongside that I regularly tell myself that it could be worse. Realistic goals (small steps) are a good thing to aim for. Try not to look too far in the future. Who knows what will happen between now & then. Life is full of surprises as we all know.

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Wise words, I am guilty of looking too far ahead and hoping for something I can’t control a recipe for disappointment.
I’m bett Thani was and have goals to improve what I can do so all achievements are attainable so I push on. Thanks for the advice. Regards


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Think you and I are very similar Mark! I have very little patience and probably am expecting too much. Just find it all so frustrating! Take care

Yes agreed, we need to concentrate on small steps and take the observation s of people that don’t see us regularly they notice the improvements better.

I think we don’t notice improvements cos we are living with it everyday. Like you said we must listen to people who havnt seen us for a while who do notice. I’ve found that people videoing me helps to prove how much I’ve improved. Try it and like everyone says make small achievable goals and celebrate them when achieved,


Yes that’s my approach but I’m looking for an awakening in my arm or improved drop foot, but nothing so it is disheartening.

Have you tried anything for your drop foot? Like an orthotic or FES? If you haven’t maybe ask your GP for a referral. It might not be suitable but could well help a lot.