Time sheets

Works time sheets,
Completed my first months time sheet , all very fiddly but done still need to work through it with the boss but it’s in, easier being a permanent employee, here’s hoping.
Made another tea delivery my balance is improving.


Well done on completing the time sheets. They’re never the easiest.

Tea delivery is becoming a habit :grin: bet your wife loves it. Good to hear your balance is improving.

Thanks most of what I am doing today I could only have dreamed about laying in that hospital bed, yet knew that if well was far more capable than my impairment allowed. Onward and upwards. Keep on pushing the boundaries my fellow SS we are all Moore than we think.


Great news, you most be well happy :blush:.

Keep up the good work

Regards Sue

Thanks, heading in the right direction
Just need to land a permanent role and build a good reputation in the new company, I hope that they give me that chance!

Still praying for that breakthrough on the arm and leg , physiotherapist is happy so must be good

Yes Susan closing in on my minds eye view of recovery, totally focused.