Time Management

I have realized that I have an issue with time management. It seems like for me time feel like it takes to long and I also am not sure about sure about time frames. Do anyone else have this issue and how are you dealing with it.


I’m sure many will echo those difficulties ; myself included

ciao, Roland


I did when I went back to work in a more office based project engineering role. I found that although I could fulfil the role, it was difficult to manage timelines and progress was sporadic - a bit like groundhog day! I eventually left to find a more suitable role and things are so much better, but I do find I can only really concentrate on one thing and lose track of things. I just need to be aware of that and set expectations for myself and communicate with others asking them for reminders if I let things slip. They are very understanding and I make good progress, I would say time management has improved with trying to keep on top of fewer things.


Time processing difficulties are common - but vary in manifestations -

See for example

There are lots of subtypes with complicated names like chronotaraxis!

How we deal with different aspects will depend on what effects us .

I now put everything that I am supposed to remember into an my online diary with multiple reminders - that diary is shared with my wife.
There are apps to help as well for example Alfred from Nuemind (used to?) record example your shopping list and using GPS it would remind you you wanted some shopping if you were passing by a supermarket.



I’m very similar to you @EssexPhil i went back to work in a different role as I knew the role I had was far too deadline driven than i can now cope with. I get into a flap if i have a tight deadline to meet these days but my current role mostly allows me to work at my own pace.


Thank you so much for the insight!! I really apperciate it!! I was a management consultant and went back to work far to early. I left in june 2023 and I now trying to get myself back to work. Do you have any advice on how best that can be done.


I would 1st ask “what are the axis/ dimension of fulfillment in your next life chapter?”

Can you bring imaginary hindsight to bear on achievements that lie on the path your trying to select? Eg maybe standing at the summit of Everest, or watching a child you’ve fostered get married or sitting in a garden you’ve designed and planted and nurtured or holding an exhibition of your pottery.
Is presenting a service improvement plan, getting budget and delivering cost savings for the client on your path ?

2nd I’d suggest inventorying the attitudes and enablers required and present and then examine those you have that will be redundant and those you need to acquire…

I guess now with your MC hat on you can fill in the gaps?


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Thank you for those suggestions!

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@Mrs5K If you don’t mind me asking what current role are you in? I am just trying to get an idea as what type of role would be more apporpiate for a person dealing with my issues. Of course if you dont what to share i perfectly understand that as well. I just apperciate that there are options.


Yeah I think a question on balance is important. Not that I woild put in so poetically. To be honest I need the both…I like serving clients it makes me feel good and I realise that I should be do more of the the making me happy, whatever that maybe. But again that you for your perspective…


I am a civil servant. There are many many different roles in the civil service & I was lucky that my manager was able to find me a role that was less deadline driven. Pre-stroke I was an analyst & dealt with all things stats…i now spend my time writing small value business cases & reviewing processes to find improvements. I can work to my own timetable on these & I work flexible part time hours so if I can’t manage much today I make it up later.


Perhaps you could teach time management skills. I would have been able to before, but I really don’t do well with that these days. I am so glad you were able to work it out. I can’t imagine that yet, although I really try hard at it with my responsibilities at home. If you think of any helpful ‘secrets’ to success, I am very interested to know them.

Start with the idea that there are 24 hours in any one day and nothing you can do will change that

So then divide those up: 10 for sleeping? 4 for food prep/ eating? 2 for rehab?, 2 for long term aims etc, any commitments added

Then think of your goals, divide them into the actions needed, decide the time and sequence and priority

Assign to the slots you’ve got from your 24hrs…

But then you knew all this…


I do, but get off track by the mounting fatigue. I have a bit of an answer about that, so we shall see, if going forward, I can do better now. I hope so. I can’t seem to find time to do the things I am supposed to in the 10 hours awake time I generally have. Some will have to be reduced a bit (maybe to every other day rather than daily), and hopefully soon, I will not be sleeping such long hours. I like your way of thinking…thinking in math terms helps more than writing all the things that need done and trying to find slots for them. I will have to choose by importance, even though all of those things need to be done.

Thank you for your thoughts on that. I find it very helpful.

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I keep a to-do list but I pay it little attention - it’s a backup to my memory and mood not a domination

Then I keep some slots so the day starts by getting up and coffee breakfast and forum after which is shower then free time then lunch and free time then sofa…

The slots are fairly regular and what I put in them is variable. Stuff I have to do goes in the diary or on the kitchen table/ front door step/ foot of the stairs/ bench in my shed… As a physical reminders. Diary stuff gets a time, any details and reminder.



I have a list of things that need doing but when i’m short of energy I prioritise the ones that can’t wait & the rest get left for another day. I have long given up worrying that the washing basket is overflowing or the house isn’t as tidy as i’d like it.

I do get frustrated by not being able to do all the things I want when I want though. I think that’s the but that bothers me the most.


That’s one task I can’t neglect with 4 people in the house. The baskets (yes plural) fill up in an instant and I don’t use a dryer :grimacing:

I tend to only make “loose” lists now for what I’m going to get done in the day, but I’m always open to diversions, especially the ones that get me out of the house…out of sight, out of mind :laughing:

One thing I’ve had for many years, long before the stroke, is a laminated shopping list. It’s just a long list of all the groceries, toiletries, household items we use, with space for additional. I made it when the kids were small as they can be so distracting when making up the weekly shopping list something always got forgotten. It became a godsend as the kids got older, they found it handy to take a copy when living away at uni, and particularly after my stroke. But then when I make out a weekly shopping list, I write it out in the order of the layout of the supermarket I’m going to. For me it’s virtually a fool proof way of shopping and not forgetting anything, and a godsend in the early stages post stroke :grin:

You are on slightly different, newer path now since your heart condition has been addressed :crossed_fingers: So now is a good time to reassess your “time management”, starting with readjusting your sleep cycle :smile: And start with the easier stuff in the morning, more demanding/strenuous stuff around the middle of your day and then the lighter winding down stuff at the end. Find your optimal time of day; for instance mine is between noon and 6pm, that’s when I would do things like gardening, go to the gym/shopping/leisure activities/spring cleaning and so on. Mornings are for washing up the breakfast dishes, laundry a spot of hoovering/dusting whatever; after 6pm is much the same. And, when at home, I take little rest periods where I come on here to reply to a few posts.
I’m looking forward to hearing all about your progress now you’ve found this new lease of life…long may it continue to grow :grinning:


@Mrs5K , Oh, thank heaven’s I am not the only one. I feel like it sometimes! So hard to get over that females being judged by how well they keep house and how they look thing. What do I care?

@EmeraldEyes, I don’t know how I had forgotten you also had family at home…No the laundry can’t wait, even with a dryer here, but fortunately my daughter does it. I only fold. I think I could get back to it now, but maybe I will continue to leave it for her until I get a routine of sorts going again.

I never thought of laminating my grocery list! write on, wipe off. Mine is printed. A waste of paper but I won’t accidently wipe it off, and it leaves room for additional notes. Now if my daughter would just let me know she is going to the store before she goes. LOL.


Oh you’re definitely not the only one @DeAnn. I think i still care what people think but a bit less than I used to…and I just tell them now i’m too pooped to sort it out :grin: hope you’re still feeling much better & enjoyed the game xx