Tilt and space chairs

Is there any organisation that sells these second hand? My father suffered a stroke 4months ago and lost use of his right hand side and lost his speech. He is recieving no physio now the hospital just gave up on him and moved him to a care home. Only after a week they tell us they can’t hoist him to a chair as they haven’t got one one and we need to purchase one ourselves! We feel really let down by the system for the care he has received and is not been informed well enough from the start.

@Grees welcome to the forum although sorry your father has suffered a stroke. I’m stunned that you are having to buy a chair for him. Have you looked to see if there is any funding available through local Council or social services?

I have found the website below which may be worth a look. I would also call the Stroke Association helpline as they may be able to provide a list of contacts for you.

Wishing you & your father all the very best.

Ann x

Thankyou both, yes we couldn’t believe it either being a nursing home. He was rushed out of hospital without really discussion with us at all and then only to be told after a week at the care home he would need a chair purchased. We will have to discuss about his funding and care with the local authority of we get through to someone.
Thanks Gwen