Tight jaw ,

Hi guys it's carlene I wad wondering if anyone could help me,  I've been taking antidepressants for 1 month now and slowly they are working   I've recently had an appointment for Thursday for a camera down to take pictures at the back of my heart. Which has left me really worried about swallowing this camera ,and now my jaw is really tight feeling and achy I know this is anxiety I'm just checking. Thankyou

Hi Carlene, don't be worried about the test you are going to have, they usually give you some sedation so you won't remember having the test and will feel quite calm. They don't seem to have explained it very well to you but you will be fine. They may ask if you want a throatspray as well - it's like an anaesthetic spray and I would recommend you to have it. You may find you will sleep through the test which will be good for you if you're  feeling anxious. Please try not to worry it will be fine.

Aw thank you so mum Ann, you've helped me fingers crossed for Thursday x


Exactly what Ann has said - my husband has had the same procedure several times, and now he asks for as much sedation and throat spray as they are allowed to administer!! This will ensure that you have virtually no memory of the procedure as you will be very sleepy.  You may have a slightly sore/scratchy throat for a few days afterwards, but that soon eases.  So for today, try to do something nice to distract yourself, concentrate on slow calm breathing, have a restful day.  

Let us know how you get on, and hopefully the results of the test will be with you soon.  Stay strong xx

Aw thank you for your reply, I will let you know how it goes . Xxx 

Hi lovely,  just letting you know how it went, it wasn't nice but I did it and without sedatives wow, my heart has a small hole which they expected,  but too small to operate on.  So I'm just to stay on the meds. Thank you angels xxx 

Bravissima!!  Well done, without sedatives - amazing.  At least you have information now.

Take care xx

Thank you,  stay safe x