Tight head

I had four strokes ten months ago and apart from expected symptoms have a constant tight feeling in my head. I have told the consultant. He didn't say much. I also have tinnitus which is worse since the strokes. I feel as if a rubber band is round my head and dizzy. Has any of my fellow ss had this. Thanks love judyx

Hi,I had a stroke almost 14 months ago,my head feels the same,heavy & very tight.My arm has become very heavy so that doesn't help as it pulls on my neck & head.Nobody has given me an answer to it.

Hello sue. It is satisfying to hear that someone else is going through the same. I keep thinking I am heading for another stroke. Are you dizzy as well. I had cerabellar strokes and can't walk very well. The balance is ruled by that lobe I also have bad migraines. One of my strokes happened with one. Thank you for replying. Love judy

Hi Judy,I don't feel dizzy & my balance is quite good.My main problem is my left arm has become very heavy & can imbalance me a bit,physio advised light weights but hasn't helped so far.The weight of my arm pulls on my neck & head so perhaps that's my problem. All gets very frustrating but I do try & keep positive.Are you feeling any better?

Hello sue. I do hope that your problem resolves soon. My main problems are very weak walking continual tiredness. I keep positive. Very hard sometimes love judyx

Hi Judy this is Norma I have said on previous occasions the stroke affectedmy head and eyes none of the other symptons of stroke. my head is tight and very strange all the time I have got double vision also  I have been b ackwards and forwards to the doctor but it seems I have got to get on with it I am at the end of my tether. Any advice would be much appreciated. Best Wishes Norma .

There doesnt seem to be an answer I have had a very nasty head for 2 yrs now it affects my everyday life. My husband has to do most of the housework as I feel worse moving my head up and down. It seems as though there is a block behind my eyes. I dont even enjoy walking and I used to go to keep fit, yoga, dancing etc. sorry I cant be of any help hope somebody can find a solution. Norma.

Hello Norma. Are you dizzy with your bad head. Have you seen an optician about your double vision. There are special glasses that you can have prescribed. My head has been very tight in this heat. Has yours. Love judyx