Hi, I had a TIA about 15 weeks ago. I was taken to hospital, sent home home 8 hours later, with high dose Dispersible aspirin.
Then followed a CT scan, an MRI of my head, when I was prescribed Clopidogrel. I saw a Consultant, who told me I had slightly blocked arteries in my neck, inoperable.
Since then, I have been so exhausted, muzzy headed a lot of the time. I had a 3 day ECG to check my heart, there is no Atrial Fibrillation, so that is good.

I have pushed myself to do household chores, but frequently have to stop, and rest. I am 80 in October.
I feel this sleepiness, today is one of those days, is taking over my life. I also have Fibromyalgia, 24/7, and Peripheral Neuropathy. I take Duloxetine for the Neuropathy, for a year or more now. Side affects of that are drowsiness, etc etc.

I just would like to feel better than I do, less muzzy in my head. I also feel like my right leg is a bit weaker when I’m walking. I don’t walk well anyway, because of the Neuropathy. That is gradually getting worse.
I am having a face to face meeting with my GP in 2 weeks time. Apart from seeing the Consultant twice, all conversation has been by telephone or by letter from the hospital.
I am feeling like I have just been left in mid-air.
Any advice/help would be much appreciated.

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Hi @catgirl welcome to the forum, it’s a good place to find answers from real people with living experiences from their own strokes, and they’re only too happy to help :people_hugging: I’m sorry you’ve had to join this club but hope you recover soon.

I know this won’t be what you want to hear but it’s more than likely going to be 6mths to a year to get to near normal again. There are others on here who also have Fibromyalgia and Peripheral Neuropathy, who will no doubt reply at some time. In the meantime, take time to read this post below, which many of have had a hand in putting together. It does explain the basics of recovery and how it is going forward, it’s well worth the read.

I hope your recovery goes well, get plenty of rest as that is the most important thing in the first 6mths of recovery. Eat well and maybe have nutrient shake between meals to boost yourself. Recovery takes a lot out of you, saps your energy as the nutrients in body are working to high demand currently…even in rest. So you might benefit from something like Complan, ask in your chemist, they normally sell them as do most supermarkets.

You take care now :people_hugging:


Hello @catgirl

Welcome to the forum even though I’m sorry you had caused to join us.

I second everything emerald eyes has said. The crowd here are very supportive. as you get more questions please feel free to post them.

Feeling tired, muzzy headed, weak etc is the reality of stroke aftermath. I suggest you embrace the healing that’s going on in your head and the energy that it’s sapping from other activities and forget the other activities for a few months - your healing will be the better for it.

Caio Simon


@catgirl hi & welcome to the forum. Sorry you’ve had cause to join us but you are very welcome here.

Fatigue is common after a stroke and certainly for the first 6 months it is the bodys way of saying you need to rest so your brain can do some repairing. On top of your other conditions I should imagine it is quite frustrating.

Use the time between now & your GP appointment to think of all the questions you want to ask them so you can make the most of the appointment. I think most of us were short on follow up appointments so had to muddle through ourselves. That is where this forum really helps as often someone is around to help.

Wishing you all the best.