TIAs & Very Dizzy

Further to my post of extreme dizziness I had 2 TIAs last week ending up in A&E on Thursday by Ambulance, saw Stroke Consultant and he has put me on Aspirin along with the Apixiban I was already on. He thinks it’s all down to the Subclavian Steal which I am waiting for an appointment to have Angioplasty procedure within the next few weeks or I may have further blockages elsewhere in my body or blood clot could have caused them.

My MRI Scan shows a large area of infarcts on my brain.

Not sure what’s happening with me at the moment it’s all getting very scary and unsure what the outcome is going to be.
Thanks for reading.


Jaan @Janwhy
So sorry to hear you have had more events and the cause is still uncertain

Is the area of infarcts new? If so what you describe is TIAs would have to be further strokes wouldn’t today? Or I have misunderstood something :confused:

Yes it’s all scary isn’t it.
Maybe It would be beneficial to focus on some anxiety techniques while you can’t do anything about causes - of course take your meds too!
Since the " take an aspirin" seems to be so pervasive anytime anything happens I just cut out the middle man and added them to my daily routine!

Fingers crossed for you

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@Janwhy so sorry to hear of your TIAs/Strokes. Sounds like you have a lot going on & it must be a little scary for you. Hopefully your surgery will go ahead very soon & that will sort the issues.

Try not to stress in the meantime…like it’s that easy. Sending my very best wishes.

Ann x


Thanks for your reply the letter says “evidence of microvascular disease and there is a small established right cerebellar infarct, and recommends my vascular risk factors be addressed”. So not sure when this occurred. I had this MRI on the 6th December 2023, but have had 2 TIAs in the last 4 weeks.


Your meds will be towards your risk factors :slight_smile: smoking drinking high cholesterol diet etc are the other factors I guess but mainly it’s speculation .

I too had an MRI that afterwards I neuropsychologist said " oh you’ve had several"

the approach that works for meis Make the best of the future while being aware of but not consumed by the past

Have any investigations suggested anything?Are they doing any other investigations?

a lot of us live without concrete answers because there aren’t any with the current state of medical science & the time allocated to us by the NHS


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Thank you for your reply, I think I’m a good candidate for stroke, got high cholesterol, high BP, Diabetic, all medicated, ex smoker and drinker. Plus a load of other problems Afib, (sarcoidosis lungs and arms & legs, in remission at present.)

Diabetes caused by long term steroids, not currently under control, now on insulin as well as tablets. It’s never ending, but I will be positive and look forward and take all that is offered. Now have to wait for the 28th to see consultant.



You’ve been in the wars!

I wish you well for the future


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Wow @Janwhy you’ve definitely had a lot going on. I think you’re due a break.

I hope your appointment on 28th goes well.

Take it easy in the meantime.

Best wishes


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Thank you for your reply.

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