I've been making a good recovery from an ischemic stroke last Nov, however Tues night it felt like I was having a TIA or something as I momentarily lost my speech and felt unwell. Just had a call from the hospital invited in for tests on Sun so we shall wait and see.They've told me to not drive too which is not very helpful when you are trying to move house.

Hi hi Tulip know how you feel I had a tia in February where  I was unable to pick up my right arm  didn't go to hospital as Covid was thick after doing exercises came back unable to drive which is frustrating  made a good recovery started driving and retained activity which was swimming and attended my balance class. Monday this week fell missed step 6 hours later my face went numb had another tia and overnight stay in hospital feeling tired this time I'm going to rest more   Unable to drive again for another month so I will have to go back to been a tortoise having these tia is very scary take care ??

Got the all clear from the hospital they said I def not had a stroke or tia. My episode was just down to stress.

It's good to check, but moving house is meant to be up there on the most stressful of activities!