TIA three days ago

i had a TIA the other day and now feeling in shock and really upset and sorry for myself.Can't concentrate and have tingling in my fingers since being diagnosed and terrified that it is a new TIA. Probably just me being over anxious as I am a worrier anyway!

On medication but terrified of having a full blown stroke.Used to be ambulance crew so the bit of knowledge I have about TIA's is making me worry about having a full blown stroke.

feeling sorry for myself at the moment despite wonderful support from my family and friends.

You have had quite a shock. I had a TIA in 2014, and at the time I underplayed how serious it was, or could have been. The "mini" part in mini-stroke does not mean minor. Take time to come to term with your TIA, and prepare yourself for the road to recovery. We are all different, so your journey will be a personal one. Try not to compare your progress with other people's. If it is on any help, here's my TIA story: https://ahacklife.style/my-second-chance/