TIA Scared of what's ahead

I had what the hospital believe was a TIA at the weekend, just chatting to my family when I found I couldn't remember some words I wanted to say. Had a funny muzzy head but that was about it. Checked my BP which was high. On advice from 111 my daughter took me to hospital. Had various tests, CT and a MRI 2 days later. Told they cannot say for sure that it was a TIA but in all probability it was. Now on statins, blood thinners and BP meds. Its left me feeling so very scared. Lost my husband to cancer last year so now living alone, which although I miss him, I coped with well, that is until now, feel rather vunerable. Just moved house and rebuilding my life for this to happen now. 

Dear Marg

a Tia can occasionally be a warning of a full stroke to follow. Your medication and check out at hospital ensures that is not the case for you.

as you know, its a transient ischemic attack. The key word is transient.

do not be worried by the horrors that full stroke victims suffer . It does not apply to you. In a week or two, six at most,you will be fully recovered.

do keep your eye on your BP.

so sorry to hear about the loss of your husband. That must be so very hard to cope with

very best wishes



Hi Colin

Thank you for your kind words of wisdom, I found them reassuring, although at the moment I am in the disbelief stage. Generally I am very level headed, but this has somewhat knocked my confidence. My father died from a stroke many years ago, so there is a family connection, but he smoked and did like and drink or two.

The situation is made worse by now being on my own, although I have support from my family and wonderful friends, at the end of the day it's when your home alone the demons in your head come out to taunt you.

Wishing you all the very best, take care





Since a stroke got me in late 2015 my ability to cope with anxiety has changed.

what has also changed is my wish to have a household pet. A big black cat arrived at the kitchen door in September 2017 and he decided to adopt us. He adds presence to our bungalow  and a reason to get up each day. He does work wonders for my state of mind. And he knows when i am having a bad day. I love my cat. He is the first pet we have had. 
i do not travel far due to my infirmity so i am always here for him.

just a thought


Hi Marg

Colin is one of many contributors on this forum who is very insightful and offers sound advice. It’s good that you have found this forum and the varied topics and experiences that people can share. The mechanics of the forum are not great (eg it doesn’t like people using the D word!) but keep dipping in to read what is worrying/helping people. See your TIA as an indicator and along with medication look at diet and exercise, which many of us have had to do. Give your body the best start you can. At the same time look after your mind and those unhelpful demons. Anxiety will come calling, or depression. Accept that this can happen and work to overcome these situations. Self help from various internet options, many of which are free, relaxation,breathing techniques, CBT etc. Find something that you can relate to. If you feel like you need guidance, approach the GP for help. As long as you can be proactive and take control of what you can, you will begin to feel a bit more positive. Talking to people on here is sign that you are already doing this, best wishes Pat 

Thank you Pat

your cheque is in the post

best wishes


Hi Colin

I have a dog which I walk every day, although at the moment I'm finding a bit of a burden as I really am not in the mood for it, but needs must it's not his fault my heart isn't in it.

Take care




Hi Pat

Must admit I'm in rather a dark place at the moment and every little thing is making me worry. Prior to the attack I suffered from a numb and tingling sensation in my left arm for many months which I put down to a trapped nerve, however, now I wonder if this was relative to what's happened. It now appears to be more evident but I'm wondering if it's my mind magnifying the problem. I hate how this has made me feel as I'm not generally the type of person who lets these things take over, who knew.

I just don't know who I should approach to ask, as I don't want to come over as a hypochondriac.

Thank you for your advice

Best wishes




I hope you don't mind me jumping in on your conversation. I had a stroke 9 weeks ago. I spent 17 days on the stroke ward. I am making a good recovery. Still tingling to my left side but walking and speaking well. I have had some dark days and still do but not quite as often. 

I am slowly trying to add activities as part of my rehab that I did before the stroke. I walk each day. I must admit that some days I find it hard to summon the enthusiasm to do these, including walking. I can honestly say I am forcing myself to do these and it has never made me feel worse and usually makes me feel better.

It will get better, determined is important. Take it slowly. Days soon turn to weeks, then to months.

Enjoy your walk today!


Hi Jane

Thank you for your insightful comments. All I want is to feel like the old me and not the maudlin person I seem to be at the moment. Good to hear you are improving, I guess it's one day at a time. Have already been for our walk, wish I had the energy to go further, but at the moment I'm a little scared of going too far as I still feel muzzy headed. 

All the best



I think it is hard to know how we will feel in the future. I am trying not to dwell too much on the past as that can't be changed. When I am sitting still and on a good day I don't feel much different to before. When I move I realise things are a bit different and I will need to do things a little more slowly.

I have been doing a lot of meditation/ listening to relaxing music / breathing exercises which I didn't think would be my thing (all found free on internet) I have found these useful make me more relaxed, help me sleep, improve my mood  etc.

Not having to use them as much now.







Dear Jane

thats wonderful,that you have found online therapies. They will help your poor overloaded brain a lot.

whether you do all therapies every day is not important. I need to do them daily, otherwise i just dont do them. But if you are ok with a different time pattern then that will work perfectly.

i admire your progress.


Dear Marg

a Tia will clear up in a week or two. Six at the worst. However, if the wretched depression gets its grip in to you then you might be unwell for many months.

it is quite feasible to fight off depression.

your dog is surely a major source of comfort. 

I adore my cat so much that i never think of myself, just about him. And dogs are probably better companions than cats. 

best wishes




Hi Marge

You are not a hypochondriac. I would say you’ve gone through 3 of the most stressful things in life: the D word, illness/TIA, moving house. Anxiety has kicked in and your thinking has decided to jump on the bandwagon. None of this will be helpful to recovering from a TIA. I would approach your GP and ask for a referral for some psychological help with anxiety. You can also do a self referral through the NHS website. Look at Anxiety fear and panic on the NHS website. There’s also some self help stuff on there. I don’t know if there are long waits for these services but give them a try. With help and being able to deal with your anxiety and unhelpful thoughts, you will be able to improve the way you feel. The benefits will lead to better health and continued recovery from the TIA. GPs and services can vary across the country so I hope you can get a good reply in your area. Best wishes Pat

Think I need to look into these self-help groups, thank you 

Best regards


Hi Pat

Thank you for the advise, some days I feel more upbeat but its early days as its only been 10 days, think I need to allow myself to process it all and then reach out to the people you have suggestd.

Best wishes 


Hi Colin

I am very fortunate to have some wonderful friends to support me and the dog gives me a reason to leave the house each day, I meet people en route, which is nice. I know I would just stay indoors if I didn't need to take him out.

Kind regards


I picked up on something called brain attack music. There is a blog and you tube videos. Interesting to read and listen to.





Reading betwixt the lines, do i dare to think your spirits are rising just a tad ? I do hope so.

Smile smile smile and be positive


Will take a look thank you :)