TIA incident?

may have had a TIA over the wkend. On Saturday temporarily lost sight in left eye for about 2-3 mins. After that felt fine. On Sunday pm thought I might pass out ears felt like pressure when plane takes off and felt unbalanced. Now couple of hours later feel bit tired and slightly queasy. No other signs and I take apixaban and beta blockers, so haven’t bothered with hospital.

Hi @cutler662 - please please please seek medical advice.
My partner had a TIA at the end of April and the subsequent investigations showed he has carotid artery stenosis, thus putting him at risk of a stroke. He’s having surgery on Tuesday to (hopefully) unblock one of them.
What I’m saying is that you might think you don’t need to see a doctor but you don’t know whether there’s an underlying cause of what was possibly a TIA.
Best wishes

@cutler662 if you think you may have had a TIA it’s really important to seek urgent medical attention. Please get checked over & hope you’re feeling better soon xx

Thanks I’ll talk to my GP tomorrow. I had a small stoke at end of March and all scans and tests were all clear.

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Doc and hospital say only a TIA. I’m on medication they recommend so just monitor and report if happens again.