Tia episodes

Hi this is my first post not sure what to write very anxious about the tia episodes as I don't have any answers to what is happening to me


its not about what to write it’s about the support and notes on here. Been on here over a week now and find it he helped.

dont think any of know what to write as it’s suddem to all over is and totally unexpected. Hope your doing ok 

Welcome on board the stroke forum.

TIAs are uncomfortable but they are transient and so you dont get permanent disability.

however, they are often a warning that a full stroke might follow. You really do not want a stroke. You will  need to,step away from gkids, crazy kids and dog if you get a full blown stroke. 

get medical help without delay. 

i didnt know i was getting TIAs as i thought they were mega migraine.

the full stroke arrived and has destroyed my life. I make the best i can, but its a sad shadow of pre stroke.

best wishes


I have a appointment on the 2nd of June at the stroke clinic .I need to stop smoking and get back to gaping.also get my second jab that day .going to be busy .

I have a appointment on 2nd June to see stroke doctor and also get my 2nd jab that day .

Awww good, hopefully they can tell you more to make you feel at ease. Iv not had any jabs yet still waiting for my first one

I have been having Tia episodes since September and until I found my stroke guide had no support. Except for my kids bless them 

I got medical help in September but had no support until I found my stroke guide .talking to a stroke advisor gave me the courage this week to tell my doctor that have had 13 episodes.and I am scared 

I had several TIA episodes over 18 months then 8 weeks ago I had a huge stoke on which the doctor said I shouldn’t be alive so someone is watching over me.

its hard getting the support amd the understanding from people on how you feel

Only another SS understands. And there are plenty of us on this site to give verbal advice.

you have indeed been chosen to survive, when many do not.

it is a long journey of recovery, but i promise that things will get better.

smile smile and smile again.

be positive

you are not alone


Thanks, this site helps a lot as close ones seem to think it’s been 8 weeks I should be ok now 

Unfortunately, as old as it has been recognised since Hippocrates mentioned the word  "apoplexy", stroke still remains a mystery to most, I find, who have not had prior experience with it. I have people who after a few weeks of having spoken to them, then ask me the next time if I am better yet. It's almost impossible to express and receive pathos for the private moments of fear and anxiety I have endured, not to mention the exhausting fatigue from the smallest of tasks, but I think we can all help to educate people better on this matter as a group, power in numbers. 

Before masks, the greeting from others was"you look so well" . And the extra thoughtless ones added " you must be better".

a moderate number of people who have ME are encountering stroke like symtoms, mainly fatigue.

now we have many long covid sufferers who's symptoms are exactly SF.

my hope is that we will benefit from their research

i reckon sympathy for stroke lasts six weeks, then you become somewhat of an outcast.

During my very long post stroke convalescence, i had open heart surgery for replacing a valve. The attitude towards me is in stark contrast. Another world. Why does no one understand the stroke, but will be fabulously supportive of heart surgery.

i stick with my view that us SS should take over the Isle of Wight and all live together.

i do not grasp why there is no tolerance of stroke survivors.

best wishes


Morning,yes seems to Ben that way.  I had more sympathy when I broke my shoulder to now. My family are ok but my partners family seem think I should be running marathons now. Don’t grasp when i say I can’t do stuff ect. But hopefully in time people will be educated 

Very well said Colin.

We have met some wonderful people in the most unexpected of circumstances on this Stroke Journey of ours - nearly 18 months since my husband's Craniectomy and Stroke. He has subsequently had seizures in addition to ongoing cognitive issues and anxiety.

I have so called "close" family members who have treated the whole thing as if he has a bad case of flu and a broken arm and broken leg. Their ignorance and selfishness is breathtaking. I guess it's out of fear.....who knows .....?

I wouldn't wish this life on anyone but it's a new journey we're all on - stroke survivors and carers alike -  and we all are trying to make the best out of a situation we wouldn't chose but I can also see it can bring great wisdom and understanding both to ourselves and to those people who are open and wanting to understand.

Instead I concentrate on the people who show compassion and kindness and give us both a lift with a smile or words of encouragement....

As you say, let's hope one of the postives of this pandemic means more research and understanding of blood clots and the ongoing day to day challenges recovery and day to day living it brings are in the public domain right up there with heart and cancer.....

Hey ho onwards and upwards.

The sun is shining a little bit today after all the rain so the garden is looking very green ?

Is it normal to have short term memory loss and so tired. I suffer from Borderline personality disorder and yes I'm crazy but my mood is very low right now. I have to write things down now .

Bad short term memory and excessive tiredness are two of many common problems after a stroke.


Yes, very common. I have no short term recall, keep a notepad then forget to look at the notepad. 

I had my 2nd tia in February  it came as a shock and has hit me for six afraid that I will get another one im taking medication doing exercises any more tips how to help myself

Hi Gillian. I would also suggest you review your diet and lifestyle. After my stroke five years ago, we switched to a diet of one day meat, one day fish, one day vegetarian. Also, look at the demands on your time and plan things rather than rush from one thing to another. Review any responsibilities an cut down on them. All the best