TIA- amaurosis fugax - eye stroke

Hi, I wanted to post my experience to see if anyone has had similar diagnosis. Just reading a short selection of posts has helped greatly so thank you in advance. I am grateful to have had a warning of full stroke. I experienced TIA stroke symptoms on two separate occassions- mainly sharp headache- not lasting long, and loss of vision in left eye, black curtain, blurred vision, confusion, numbness to left side of head and face. Received really good treatment and am now on medication to reduce clotting. Ct scan found aneurysm just to add to mix.

It has been four weeks now and my vision is still not right and I have really bad fatigue if I do too much. Is this normal for a tia?

I have an opticians appointment tomorrow to look at eyes and will be back to gp to review next week.

Thank you- would love to hear of similar experience with this.