TIA after a stroke

Hi, I had a stroke 2 years ago and have been doing fine since (tinnitus aside). On Friday my right side went numb, but not enough to stop me being able to walk (unlike the original stroke) and a call to 111 ended up with an ambulance being called and an afternoon in A&E.
I’m still undergoing tests and nobody has said anything concrete but I presume this could be classed as a TIA and I wondered how common TIA’s were after an original stroke?
I’m currently a bit depressed and scared that it’s all starting again, but then while the tests are ongoing, we’re still at the nobody has a clue stage, which is frustrating and scary.

So my main question is how common TIA(s) are after a stroke as you only really read about them before a main stroke.


My brain scan showed I have had ‘‘multiple’’ small strokes. The damage shown in the brain seems to have happened at different times. It had taken about 4 years from when I first recall having ‘blackouts’ and then subsequent episodes that my condition was finally diagnosed. Retirement, change of lifestyle and good medication have greatly reduced the frequency of any stroke/TIA episodes. However, the effects of all the previous damage are long lasting.

The mistake I made was not seeking Medical help when I had the first two episodes. It was 18 months later when it started again and I needed to seek Medical help.


It is usual to have medication to take after a stroke. This has the purpose of minimising the chances of a repeat of the event. So if you have been taking regular medication prescribed for stroke then you that is one thing you can cross off the worry list.

A stroke is an injury to the brain, but that can mean so many things. If I said I had an injury to my body, then that is only a vague description of my difficulty. It is the same with brain injury and stroke, diagnosis will take some time and only then can appropriate treatment be recommended.

Unfortunately this is not a ‘one answer fits all type’ of problem. In the mean time worry and fear are very much a part of what happens. I know it is easy for me to say but you must try to be brave, keep sharing your experience and wait, as patiently as you can, for answers to appear. You will get through this.

This forum is a good place to share your experience, good or bad, with others who know what you are going through.

Keep on keepin’ on
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Thanks. My first stroke was in April 2021 and small enough to only show up on the MRI, but just enough to knock me sideways for quite a while. I could walk again within the day but the brain fog and fatigue lasted a good year (and still hits occasionally).
Friday’s was a tiny episode but just enough to scare me into calling somebody - I had thought I was free of it all after 2+ years.
So, I’m currently in limbo while various scans etc are done (ultrasound on my neck tomorrow and MRI yet to be arranged but due soon) and, if I’m honest, quite scared and more than a little bit pis…frustrated.
You often hear of people having TIA’s before a more major stroke but I’ve not been aware of having them after, though presume they are quite normal?


I should add that I have stuck rigorously to the medication since the first stroke in 2021, keep fit (but no longer go mad) and eat well, am not over weight and have 14% bodyfat. I don’t smoke and only have a few beers at weekends, not drinking at all during the week.
Basically, I don’t know what else I could do to try and help matters!


TIA are like the rumbles you can have both before and after a volcanic eruption. They can happen any time! I had two within about 15mins and nothing since, that was "2½yrs ago, I’ve relaxed a lot since then but I know I’ll never be out of the woods. So just keep taking the meds and doing what the doctors order, and look after your health and fitness, it’s the best any of us can do. And Welcome to the forum by the way :smile:


Hi welcome to the forum sorry you’ve had to join .

Personally I’d have to say that feeling wobbly or somewhat reminiscent of having had the stroke is a not unusual feeling for me. But then you can’t extrapolate the it has any exemplary value to evaluating your situation and no statistical significance for you individually .

Bobby has explain the main aspect, that having a stroke is like saying you’ve got an injury; there are a million or one variations within that. I guess 1 question to ask is " did they diagnose a cause for your stroke aterial fibrillation or a PFO that subsequently been eliminated but even so there are many causes to be suspected.
My MRI’s show that I had previous events which I described to my GP multiple times without them ever being called TIAs and I’ve had the same sort of thing since my stroke. I’ve been to a&e once or twice subsequent to the stroke and been discharged each time with a “we don’t know” message in conclusion

So the main conclusion is keep taking your meds and seek medical help if needed because of the actual symptoms being unambiguous or for your own peace of mind When things are indeterminate.

I’m sorry that this isn’t a definitive answer but generally speaking the really isn’t one and part of the post stroke challenge is accepting that as a fact and getting on with life with the reality anyway


@ssherlock welcome to the forum although sorry you’ve had a stroke & maybe a TIA. TIAs can happen after a stroke just as they can before a stroke. You did the right thjng in getting checked out & hopefully you’ll get the answers you need soon. If any adjustments to your meds are needed i’m sure that will be done when they know what’s happened.

Try not to worry in the meantime.

Best wishes.



@ssherlock I understand totally how you feel I had my stroke Dec 2022 and was bowling along until I went to Spain early May and had a strange feeling the day before I came home but really thought I’d just got too hot but when I came home I’ve had it looked into and had mri which has showed changes but as yet heard no more.

I feel no different and can still do everything the same but do get the fatigue but the fear causes panic and doesn’t help. Like you I’m doing everything asked medication exercise diet but I do feel so like I’m going backwards sometimes My daughter is so scared it’s very difficult at the moment. Waiting to see neurologist I would very much like to know about my stroke as he information seems so general hopefully he can give me some answers

I wish you well like you waiting for the results but living everyday kept planning keep positive it is just a blip :smiling_face:


To add insult to injury, I have an ELDERLEY MEDICINE appointment next week, probably to discuss the ultrasound I’m having later today. And they play hell when I say I hate getting old as I’m “only 54”. To be fair, somebody from the Stroke Association did say they would talk to them as they used to call them “Geriatric” - not that this sounds any better! :slight_smile:
Good luck with your results - you sound exactly like me, except you got to go on your holiday, and I’m scared stiff I won’t be able to…


@Lnel hi & welcome to the forum. Hope you find it as helpful as I’ve found it. Hopefully you’ll get some answers re your stroke soon. Best wishes. Ann


Hi and sorry to hear what you’ve been going through.
I’m 58 and had a stroke in April 2022, following that I had two TIA’s - one in November and one this May - the staff on the stroke ward jokingly said I just like visiting them every 6 months!!
I’ve had very little information, and still waiting on follow-ups from the May one. I am also rigorous about my meds.
I do know how you feel, it’s scary! Just when you think you’re ok and begin to relax, bang!! It hits again.
I was hoping to go on holiday but am rethinking that now as afraid to fly ‘just in case’ and the divinities answer from medical professionals - ‘you should be ok’
I hope you get some answers, it’s not all doom and gloom, just got to try to be positive and make each day count!


Thank you. I had an ultrasound yesterday which was clear and MRI due next week. Like you, it scares you all over again and I’m back to thinking maybe I should sort my affairs out/tidy up my study so my poor wife doesn’t have to!
Good luck with your situation and fingers crossed we both get to enjoy our holidays…