Three year anniversary today

This day in 2021I was in Calder royal lucky to be alive

All that followed was life changing and quite unpleasant

I have survived to make bit into year four and whilst stil suffering neurologically varying pain I’m walking with a single cane and stick free in the house my hemiopia has improved greatly and none of my cognitive abilities have bee affected. Speech is good as are my right side limbs.

I am almost retired at sixty bu t lost my job after 8 months as I couldn’t get around my business

I’m doing things I used to be able to do lol car washing and going on holidays but my walking stamina stil working progress but I am getting to church now every Sunday so met new people.
Good luck everyone it is never over till it’s over enjoy the life you have and remember recovery is a snail’s pace, play Alive by meatloaf for inspiration

My recent fall and subsequent right shoulder injury has slowed me up bu still going just less able or independent


I wish you well for the next 4 years and the 4 and 4 after that…

It is clear your making progressing.
Even if glacial speeds there is still progress. For example since your stroke the moon will have moved 6 inches further away from the earth!


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Thanks Simon and hoping the same for you , it’s a game of determination.


Keep it up, Sir !!

It’s been good to follow you; and I look forward to the next long lists of achievements. I am on month 16; my progress has been unspectacular these last 2 week, but as soon as something exciting happens, I’ll report

ciao, Roland



Sounds very positive.

Certainly inspirational

Thanks for sharing.


You’ve come a long way in those 3 years @mrfrederickson and it’s been good to shate your achievements with you.

Here’s to more progress this year & i hope your recovery from your fall doesn’t hold you back too much.

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