This writing thing -- yes, you can and I hope you will ✍

here’s a something to set your mind to.

I know you might not have thought about this, but you have had a go at showing us some of your photographs. They have been great to view too. I guess you had some fun putting them together and getting a reaction for your efforts.

Well, here is a CHALLENGE.

I want you to write something and post it here in this thread. I have been scribbling down the thoughts in my head and posting them here. You could do that too.

You don’t have to be a master word smith and it doesn’t need to have a deep meaning.

Will you try this?

Go on. Be brave. No one will put you down. We’ll be kind.

Write 100 or 200 words, three hundred words or even 500 words, no need to post up a whole book, though.

Short or long wins this contest.

There’s no pointa lost for spellinge mindstakes or typos.
You don’t need to keep to the pint neither, just post a few wurds.

From your own thoughts write now what pops into your mind when you hear the word:


i know you can do it
Let’s see where this takes us.

:writing_hand: :smile: :heart:

You can post a photo if you like but I would prefer a few words.

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keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :heart:

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Journey …
I’ll know my journey is over when going to bed is not my favourite part of the day . It’s a safe haven and I pull the quilt under my chin and relax . Nobody holds my arm or gives me sympathetic smiles . On my journey I see friends , I do my exercises, do electrical stimulation on my arm i walk I try to eat more AND more importantly I try to smile. What more can I do to reach my destination ?


Birthdays are for celebrating…or maybr commiserating but tiday i chose to celebrate. Afternoon tea was my celebrtion of choice and despite fatigue being present i pushed on and went with it…

I have the appetite of a gnat these days so most of it came home in a cake box with me and i’m so full i doubt i’ll move from the sofa for a week.

I gave the cholesterol police the day off so O enjoyed every last crumb of it :rofl:

@Bobbi that’s my offering. Hope it’s ok. X


I thought for a while that things might be ruined forever. I felt in danger, very scared and rather alone despite having family and friends and plenty of them.
I thought people would treat me differently; as though I was somehow more delicate, ‘less’ than I used to be. Someone to pity worry about or patronise.
Definitely not normal anymore.
Then I spotted this pic from many years ago as you can see l was actually never really ‘normal’ anyway!
Thanks to you lot I know I am very, very lucky and 100% not alone.
Ta very muchly :wink:
Toni x


@Mrs5K wow happy birthday looks fabulous, glad you enjoyed yourself you deserve it!!


Thank you. It was amazing. Resting up now before starting on the cakes again :rofl: xx


Love it Toni. Reminds me of the time my hubby went out in odd shoes :grin: xx


Thanks @Mrs5K Your birthday meal looked fabulous. Your husband must be as bad as me!
:smiling_face: :smiley: :smiling_face:


Well done, each and every one, I’m proud of you and I hope you enjoyed this bit of fun. I bet others will enjoy seeing your input too. Maybe it ain’t over yet and a couple more have something to say about “JOURNEY.”

@christine2 @Mrs5K @Mabel1 @MarnieT

A heart for each of you:

:heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:


@MarnieT @Mabel1 @Mrs5K @christine2

I hope you won’t lynch me if I wind you up a bit.

For people who have had a stroke I think you did very well !!

(Bobbi runs for the hills)

:rofl: :running_man:


What do you think everyone…do we forgive him :thinking::thinking:

Of course we forgive you @Bobbi how coukd we not :rofl::rofl: it made me chuckle anyway :face_with_hand_over_mouth::face_with_hand_over_mouth:



Well seeing as how I can get away with just about anything, I wouldn’t say no to a slice of cake, That picture does look a bit yummy.
@christine2 @Mrs5K @Mabel1 @MarnieT
Seriously, you all did yourself proud.

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Hmmmmmm…now i might have to draw the line at cake :rofl::rofl:

I don’t like Battenburg so it’s all yours :grin::grin:

The lemon meringue pie was divine :yum::yum:


This little lady keeps me on my toes and she keeps me getting up and trying to be as normal as I can!


Why Can’t I Just Sit?

Wether its in the living room on the couch, the Kitchen at the table, or on a rare sunny day in the garden, or the side of the bed.
My mind starts to wonder, not that that is a bad thing all the time, Ive become used to the fact that I will get emotional, and have started to be able to keep that in check.
Thoughts race from what I used to be able to do, to what needs doing…the list of jobs that need doing grows. I could never just sit before, I had to be doing something, maintenance of the house, DIY, gardening, indoor plants.

Yet sitting alone with my thoughts is frowned on. I apparently need to engage.
Or Im sulking.


@garethc970 @gottakeepsmilin

Thanks for joining us on this writing JOURNEY, it’s great to have company.
Thanks also for sharing. This is how, one step at a time, we move things along.

It’s always good to get it out there. One day you’ll come back, take look and say, “OMG, did I say that?”

Have a good day, I’m sure you deserve it
keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1: