This week

This week I’ve had two falls and Virgin Media snafu’d our internet despite my sorting all out with them last month as I closed my company and transferred its assets and liabilities to us personally - I only mention it because there incompetence and the subsequent administrative hassle (EG an hour on the phone, 3 attempts at the complaints form on the net…) has actually had a emotional / motivational impact.

I’ve been lucky with the falls. Both outside. One happened in slow motion and the other happened at double speed. The double speed one I caught the hem of my trouser leg on a nail and landed crunch on my affect side knee, before continuing into a near face plant to the path. Took 2 minutes to get up and then 15 just sat till I felt able to move.
The slow speed one… I was trying to move a heavy wood and glass door that is leaning against the log store in anticipation of being used to build a sunroom. What’s good is that it was in slow motion because I was able to think “don’t put your hand down to stop the fall where they will be pressing on the glass because if you break it you’ll be right in the deep trouble.” That too took a minute to get back up on my feet and I do mean 60 seconds plus and a minute or 3 just standing.

We went to duddingston Kirk plant sale yesterday and bought 50 quids worth of summer bedding plants so my upcoming week has an outstanding task against it! We’ll have to see how the motivation bit and the job-to-do bit add up. Hopefully they’ll combine and generate some ‘job well done satisfaction’ - the bed where the majority will go in has been nicely prepared with the soil that came out from levelling the ground for the sunroom! That’s a win! :slight_smile:

Lack of internet (other than by phone, so unreliable, signal dependant due to thick walls) means I’m book reading more (albeit on a phone app!)

Lea’s away for the week from Tuesday so that will be more adjustments…


Outstanding job with the quick thinking during the slow-mo fall, Simon,

My first fall, onto a grass embankment was 2 weeks ago, all I could think of was shout to my wife, quick, take a pic to record my first fall! I’d love to be able to work in the garden. But I did manage to start the lawn mower yesterday, and Simo(netta) cut it !!

I remember when Virgin media, years ago, zapped everyone’s personal web-space without notice. Suddenly I had phone calls from USA… where’s the site?
Have a good read, I have a Kindle which makes reading so much easier…

Ciao, amigo, Roland


@SimonInEdinburgh oh no, not another faller. Well done on the slow mo working it out.
I had a bad fall last Friday, I’m only just beginning to hurt less.There is no help or advice from the professionals apart from don’t do it. Maybe wear a helmet at all times? I could imagine that being a suggestion. But it just seems to be part of everybody’s recovery. I suppose we all have an inbuilt protection instinct which says don’t hit your head but that can just happen anytime without warning and it’s the one that scares me most. Chin up Simon and get well soon.


I heard about your fall, Mick/Mike (I forget, which is it?)

Was it because of a weakness on your affected side?
My condition changes every day (increasing sensitivity) which plays havoc with my walking routine; i.e… I’m always having to change according to feedback (proprioception etc.)

Glad you’re on the mend, ciao, Roland


In hospital, after my first fall, which wasn’t a fall more a slow crumpling collapse, I was almost instantly surrounde by a posse of madder than a wasp nurses.

I was totally helpless on the floor for some time and was subjected to a continous stream of reprimands and accusations of being a very, very naughty boy. I was already in the naughty boys room having had the temerity to catch norovirus and had made things worse with an involuntary projectile vomit over a passing nurse.

It felt like I was finally present at my own very public execution. There was no sympathy, no concern, I was given the feeling that I was getting what I deserved.

Once the steam had diminished from all that they disappeared to reappear with a huge crane-like hoisting (or execution?) device. They rolled me onto a lifting bag attached me to the crane and winched me up, then swung me over the bed on which they unceremoniously dumped me. Taking all the equipment away they, as swiftly as they had appeared, departed leaving me alone to meditate on my utter naughtiness.

A doctor popped his head in, checked for broken bones, dislocations, concussions and such, of which there were none and announced quietly, as if it was a secret not to be revealed to other mortals, “As you progress advances will be accompanied by such mishaps, take them as a sign of general improvement.”

His words have stayed with me and on quite a number of occasions since then I think about them once again.

Oddly,though, since that time, I do seem to have made some progress.

keep on keepin’ on
:writing_hand: :smile: :+1:


@SimonInEdinburgh sorry to hear of your falls. I hope you have no lasting effect from them. Sounds like you’ve got plenty to keep you busy whilst Lea is away. Will she be leaving you some safety instructions?


I am in the process of moving from Virgin media.
Without discounts the bill would be £70 for 350 mbs.
You fibre based in Tewkesbury are offering 900mbs for £29 a month + £3 for a phone line if needed. No tv but barely watch live TV anyway.

Friend who has switched nearly very pleased, we shared a £100 sign up bonus by using his link.

I talked about falls with my physio. She said to me, have you ever fallen before your stroke? Yeh I have.
She told me, so if you do fall, try not to think of it as a big deal.


@pando hi Roland, it’s usually Mick but I don’t mind. Sorry to see you’re also starting to fall. I’ve had several falls now, most of them no damage. I’ve had two bad ones, both my fault and due to inattention and overstepping my capabilities. The first one was missing my step on the stairs, luckily near the bottom. I had looked down and checked my position before letting go of the rail but for some reason my brain misinterpreted what I saw and I fell. Last week’s was the worst. I was about to go to bed, went to put my fruit juice back in the fridge, turned and momentarily lost my balance. I stumbled sideways and hit a worktop edge with my affected side and then collapsed to the floor Luckily no broken ribs but a lot of muscle bruising. Spent almost a week stationary chomping paracetamol but now back on my wobbly legs. Back to always using my cane in the house.
Mind how you go mate


Rough week, but glad to hear you dealt with the topples without too much trauma. I too find convoluted bureaucratic procedures to be incredibly taxing on one’s wellbeing. They were taxing before stroke, and much worse now.