This site

Im a computer engineer by trade myself, I'd as very literate.

Im 33 myself

I have to say I hate it.

Its confusing to say the least.

Can we have a poll for a roll back. Or an option to use the old site.

Maybe in the future we could give feed back on testing the new site.

Or possibly you could put a link up for the community wall?

:-( :-( :-(

We all hate it. It replaced the best site in the world. I continually search for new forums for assistance in stroke recovery.

I am in my fourth year and now take pleasure in helping others who have recently been attacked by the dragonstroke 


Oh dear, there's a lot of strong feeling about the site.  One of the primary aims of the site is for stroke survivors, families, carers etc to be able to communicate easily with one another, to support, share anecdotes, offer practical advice.  The areas offering medical info and similar should maybe be completely separate areas which we can dip into for specific advice, maybe on treatments, medication, resources.

I think I would just like a simple timeline where we can post/reply to each other, and if we want to look further back for a post we can just keep scrolling back.  Then if I wanted to check out info about something specific, e.g. Clopidogrel, I could search for that on a separate part of the site.  My problem is that I've never engaged with Facebook or any of those sites, so I have no direct comparison, (or maybe I'm just not that IT savvy!!)


Have a good day guys xx

Yes, you have hit the nail on the head, that is exactly what we need but the one we had previously would be as near to ideal as could be found.

It is essential to have the experts around when one has problems but most of us use forums to communicate with other victims and just compare living problems and offer advice. To let off steam to a fellow sufferer is the main requirement.

I would like to hear from the authorities on what they think of the criticism by us correspondents on their 'new' forum.


Hear, hear for the opportunity to get involved in the testing. I've designed an intranet for my last school, and I know the problems of designing to fit a wide range of users. 

I am finding it really hard to use now ??

Hi all

Thank you for your continued feedback, we do always take these into consideration when making improvements to the site. 

The changes were made on the back of feedback that users felt continued scrolling to find messages was confusing and took too much time. We have used the best version possible to make these changes and continue to carry out user testing.

You will find some instructions in the attachment on the post I have linked to below, on how to navigate your way through the updated site:

As always, please either send this account a message or email us at if you have any further concerns.

Many thanks