This might cheer you up

As my stroke survivor friends know, I like cooking and feel quite proud sometimes of what I can achieve. I have just been preparing a Victoria sponge, mostly with my good hand. Everything went well and mixture was whisked to perfection....or should I say within an inch of its life.

The tins were fulled, but then I decided to utilise my weak arm and hand to steady the mixing bowl while I scraped the rest of the mixture out. Unfortunately, my weak arm and hand are prone to occasional small spasms. So, a sudden spasm and I knock one tin of mixture off the work top. It sails to the kitchen floor and......lands the right way up! Not only that, the shock of landing spreads the mixture gently round the tin.

who says life after stroke can't be fun.....

Phew you had a lucky escape , I thought you were going to say the cake mix ended up on the floor. That's one way of levelling out the cake mix but I don't think I'll be trying it. 
I'm a few years post stroke now and have recently started cooking regularly again. Following recipes takes a fair bit of concentration but I feel like I've turned a corner and want to try different recipes. Last week I made beef bourguignon using a  Mary Berry recipe which was really good. This week I'm making Stroganoff which I've not made for a long long time.

I'm sure the cake was lovely.


Well done Ann. I think cooking makes us use both our hands and our brains. I bought a new food processor and we put in a new kitchen extension. Both have helped enormously.