This is NOT living!


Are you okay Pete?

Dear Pete

Tell us a little more.

We are here for you.


Pete - Please pick up the phone and speak to someone - Stroke Line, GP, or 999. Everyone is there to help you and here too.

Hi Pete

Is everything ok? Please contact the Stroke Helpline on 0303 3033 100 - they can support you if you're struggling. 

Please do let us know you're ok.


thank you, weak moment, no sleep etc etc on top of everything this stroke throws at you.

thank you, I will not take up any more professionals times. ive done the whole gp and pyscholgist stuff and I think I know more than they do, not that its a criticism, I hope none of them have to find out 1st hand.

Thank you Colin, i always seem to re-appear and post my negativity, Im in awe of you and Johns continued positivity, I really dont know how you do it, hopefully 1 day I might learn.

Thank you John, Im ok now, just a moment of weakness after a totally sleepless night, this stroke thing really knocks you back some time. I thought after 3 years it would get easier, but its just a different kind of hard.I know non stroke people have down times too, but no one understands how hard every day, every step, every thought, every task for a SS, but I know all of you guys fully get it. 

Dear Pete

John and I are two very different people, but we both try to be positive. He is brilliant on this forum.

Try thinking of everything you can do and not what you can not. Try thinking about the fact that you are a new person, not the guy pre stroke.

If it helps a little to let off steam on here, then keep doing it. Many of us are here for you. This time you frightened us somewhat.

As i jave siad before, I have noticed that those who get the better recoveries seem to be those who are positive. This is not an absolute. You can become positive. Likewise you can loose positivity.

So pleased you have come back online. You have cheered me up a lot this afternoon.

Best wishes



Sleep is essential for our recoveries. If you had a bad night then no wonder you are despondent. I put sleep top of my priorities. If I cant get good sleep it is a waste of time trying to remedy the other stuff. One bad night means I get two bad days. Last night I got a full 8 hours, so I am over the moon. Should mean a good Wednesday. And its warm sunshine down here. Neat.

I use a tinnitus relaxer to help me get off to sleep. Cost me £23 plus carriage of £6. Maybe NHS will provide one for free. They used to. Its just white noise plus some relaxing sounds. I like the sea waves. It works big time for me.


I get it totally. I am three years on too, but still have ‘down’ days when I wonder if it’s worth it. Then I gird my loins and carry on. My sleep is reasonable, but the old fatigue kicks in every day at noon. Don’t give up Pete. We are all spared for a reason.

I know what you mean. I also get frustrated with professionals especially those who pretend to listen but don't actually. I always feel that I'm taking up too much of their time and they are trying to rush me and get me out of the door asap.  We don't all fit into the NHS's idea of what stroke survivors look like or should be doing and I'm sick of being put into a box labelled 'she's fine' when inside I'm not.I know the NHS is stretched but if they only took time to try and understand but like you say, only other survivors know how hard it is. I've had a few dark days too recently but somehow from somewhere comes inner strength and determination to carry on and I know you have this too. Take care x

Glad to hear your feeling more positive.  I agree sometimes it's hard enough to generate enough positivity to make a hearing aid battery.  But then you get that spark that says I'll show them ?? and off we go?‍♀️?‍♀️?‍♀️

Hang in there because as the advert says " we're worth it" ??