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I am from the United States and am a 58 year old and suffered from a major stroke 10 years ago that the doctors couldn’t believe I could have at my then age of 48. I was given 3 months and my wife was obviously devastated. I had a heart attack 4years prior at 44. I had an ischemic stroke that hemorrhaged and caused what appeared to be a tumor during the early imaging. It was on my left brain and involved with 3 different lobes. I had seizures from the scarring on my brain. I had several mini strokes during the first couple of following months. The first year was a long one but eventually I made great progress beyond any that was expected. The doctors were amazed, but it was God that kept me here. My wonderful wife took care of me every step of the way and was the best health advocate anyone could have. Since then I have done very well for the most part. My deficiencies that have remained are, left side weakness and am negatively effected by bright lights, loud sounds, flashing lights, being around more than one conversation at a time among others. They overstimulate my brain and I loose my speech. During the last 10 years I have had issues off and on but it has been steady now for the last year of feeling disconnected mentally. I feel like I am inside a television watching and observing everyone outside but not being part of my surroundings. Everything seems “softened and muted” as though I am not totally here. I also struggle with comprehension issues that were gone for many years but has now returned. The doctors say that the brain suffers from many misfires that some times correct and some do not. When I hear someone say something, I often miscomprehend the meaning. As a example, Someone might say what’s up and I might look up. When it is explained I usually then understand but nobody understands how I could take the meaning the way I do. I have the same thing in reverse sometimes with saying what I mean
others don’t get the meaning of what I am trying to say. The overstimulation continues to be a problem. I am happiest when just being home. I have lost most interests in things I used to have but a few remain. I just wish others could understand how I feel with these issues that remain. I sometimes feel like shouting from a mountain top if it would help. Sometimes, it makes me feel stupid, the comprehension issues. Oh well, that’s my story, likely more than anyone was looking for but it feels good to let it out. I haven’t found any forums in the U.S. that are so active and vibrant as this one and I look forward to continuing to be a member even if I am an “outsider”.



@Doug65 Hi Doug, welcome and please don’t feel that you are an outsider,. You are one of the family now.
That is one heck of a hard journey you’ve had my friend. Many of the feelings you describe are common and all stroke survivors here will relate to them to some degree. You’ve already overcome so many obstacles just to survive and be where you are. If you have any questions please just go ahead and ask, there is usually somebody who can offer advice. Also please feel free to offer your own experience and advice to others.
Good to have you on board.


Welcome, even though no one wants to join. Unfortunately no one is too young to have a stroke. i was 32 and i know someone who had a stroke at age 2.
There are a few others here from the US and other foreign parts. Just remember that most of us are UK so when we talk about health services we mean the NHS.
If you need to have a rant and shout about your feelings. We have all been there.


Good morning @Doug65 I spoke to you last night in your first post.

Actually your story gives more clarity to your other post, so no need to apologise.

And because you have given us more of your stroke history, some of my response to that post is moot…though I do still think that what you are describing is Aphasia.

I agree with @Strings and @Janetb, your input is as valuable to others as theirs are to you, so please keep on contributing, questioning or just come to chat or rant. It’s all good.

Spending that time on the forum can also aid your Aphasia, that’s partly why I’m on here so much…the other reason being that I just love it here :blush:

Here is the link to your first post; just click on the blue text, it will take you straight there: Mentally and emotionally feeling disconnected 10 years later


Janet, Hi, That’s unheard of, in my books.

Do you still know this person,?
What caused their stroke?
How long ago did they have their stroke at age 2 ?
How are they doing now?

I guess they must have made a near perfect recovery since it happened at such a young age?

How was your own recovery ?
Sorry to pry !

Genuine interest, ciao, Roland


Hi Doug, welcome to our forum, there are no “Outsiders”, we have a few contributors from across the water, everyone is welcome, no matter where you are in the world.

We are a merry band of stroke survivors who have suffered many different types of stroke and carers who are helping on their road to recovery. There is always someone here to offer advice and information or just to lend an ear whilst you have a rant or a moan. I’m sure you also have a wealth of information that could be helpful to someone on here. Feel free to join our conversations whenever you want too and I look forward to hearing from you whenever that maybe.

Best wishes and regards Sue


Morning Doug - I replied on the other thread but will just repost here

Mentally and emotionally feeling disconnected 10 years later

Kieran :wink: :polar_bear:

Hi @Doug65 and welcome as the kind people have said above.

I understand this concept fully and I have it too to one degree or another everyday!! Please keep talking to use and sharing and come and join zoom meetings on Thursdays at 1pm or Friday 7pm UK time.

I can send you joining links if you are interested!

I think you will be pleasantly surprised at how many people on here do!!!

And here is a picture of a polar bear just for you!

white bear lying on floor

Kieran :wink: :polar_bear:


@Doug65 welcome Doug & thank you for sharing your story. You seem to have defied the odds & are still going strong despite the drs prognosis.

I echo what others have said about there being no outsiders here. You’ll have so much valuable information to contribute I’m sure.

Look forward to hearing more from you.

Best wishes

Ann x


Hi and i just want to welcome you to the forum


Unfortunately although it’s rare, babies in the womb can have a stroke or just after being born, though I don’t know of any myself. And that can happen with an otherwise normal healthy baby; they just don’t know why it happens.