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Hello from Graham Steel.

My 85 y/o Mum Joan has a stroke 2.5 weeks ago. It wasn’t diagnosed until the day after it occurred. When the paramedics arrived, slurred speech but her mobility was the same.

MRI confirmed the stroke and classed as acute/sub acute. It showed a pattern of very small bleeds to both sides caused by hypertension/blood pressure.

On my first visit, she was heavily sedated and has no knowledge of me being there and being taken to hospital. The lights were on but no-one was in, 1% normal.

On visit two, she is now able to eat again, extremely pleased to see me, in good spirits, 60% normal.

Going the NHS Stroke Guide very helpful. Main nurse thinks she’ll be coming home in 2 or 3 weeks.

It’s sunk in now and I know it will take time to get better but from what I’ve read, it could have been a lot worse.



Welcome to our forum. It sounds as if your mother is improving quickly. Hopefully, medication will prevent future oroblems.

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@McDawg welcome to the forum & sorry to hear about your mums stroke. Sounds like she has made a bit of progress already & hopefully that will continue. You’ll find lots of support & advice on here. Wishing your mum a speedy recovery & make sure you look after yourself too as a stroke is life changing for those around the stroke survivor too.

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Welcome to the group glad you mum is making good progress. Remember it can be a long journey with kind regards des

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