This Guy is Amazing

A must watch and storehouse of info. A realistic and empathetic stroke survivor. Watch this clip and search his other videos. He is a realist.


I think that’s either Nick Clark or Andy Dovey Anstruther isnt it @Outlander?

On Reflection I think it’s Andy - I think I recognise brain attack music. I’ve spoken to Andy a few times via zoom but never watched his videos.

you seem to be giving these a strong endorsement so Will watch a couple. He lives in my part of the world and and Anstruther is a town where the major land the holder is an “of that ilk” laird

Thanks for sharing

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@SimonInEdinburgh Yes Simon, his name is Andy. and SORRY everyone, his site is Brain Attack Music; forgot to mention that… He has many videos This is a man who tells it like it is. I find him refreshing. He is an Englishman living in Southern Scotland?
This is Andy’s best in my estimation. On recovery:


@SimonInEdinburgh well Simon…looks like nobody else thinks he’s amazing.
Shame, he is such a forthright man.

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Sorry been out of it for 24 hours not recovered yet…