Thinking of running a Twitter Chat

I’m thinking that a Twitter Chat would be worthwhile. What are your opinions?

For those that aren’t familiar Twitter chats are based around following a hashtag (eg #StrokeChat) and often take the form of a ‘meeting’ that generally last 1hr during which the host tweets “#strokechat - Question 1: our topic is…who is here…” and replies might be “#StrokeChat Ans 1 Bill from Ontario” or whatever.
“Qn2 what have you… #StrokeChat” “A2 for me… #StrokeChat
Normal 6 to 8 qn are doable in the hour. Conversation ‘breaks out’ naturally from the banter in the space between questions and between contributors.
Of course people can contribute any time but often the best experience is ‘interactive’.
There are services that summarise & curate & rank tagged chats that helps catch up when you miss a session

The best experience is also aided with something like tweetdeck on a tablet or pc but is doable on a phone client.

It takes some months to build up a group.
Then becomes a way to link across communities

One question would be what pattern to hold too m EG 2nd &4 th tues of the month at 20:00 uk? - that is doable in the many places west of the uk but not so much east. But then the uk is on the eastern & northern edges of the ‘naturally’ English speaking world

A new & particular challenge is that since ElonMusk took over one has to be selective what tweets tagged stroke you look at :frowning: the majority of stroke tweets are ABI related so drowning out the others won’t be too hard


I too don’t use twitter. But a good idea for anyone who does.

I’ll give it a go! :raised_hand_with_fingers_splayed:

Share some details here if you do, I’m a twitter user :relaxed:

I’m going to.
Starting on 14th March that’s the 2nd tuesday at 8pm on #StokeChat
(Will give time to raise awareness & another reason to wait is didn’t think valentines was such a good start date and is my wedding anniv. is the 28)

Feel free to shout about it and well see who we can attract