Think im going nuts!

In july 2020 i was diagnoised with Chronic Myeloid Leukaemia.  A real shock!! Then in the August had my stroke. Hugely fortunate to have no lasting physical damage. Hospital acted so very quickly.

Since the stroke, things have changed, dare i say mentally. According to my family, during the night, i ramble all night long. Real conversations which seem so very real to me. Sometimes i even waken myself and dreams, dreams so vivid and real to me.

My sleep pattern is poor for i snore real bad. That and rambling all night long you can imagine what my house is like to sleep in.

Gp is getting me tested for sleep apnea which my husband already has so i know myself the symptoms.

Has anyone had these experiences from theyve had stroke? Or am i truly going away in the head?

This is really playing on my mind.

Thanks for reading my story x

Hi Bizzybee, so sorry to hear about your catalogue of troubles, and let's hope that they will all get resolved ?.  With regard to your vivid dreams and rambling, this seems to be quite common following a stroke. My husband has certainly had some weird dreams post-stroke.  He used to regularly vocalise during the night, sometimes it was recognisable words or phrases,  but often it was pretty much gobbledy-gook.  It could last for a few moments, or there were sometimes pauses as if he was listening for an answer!  So it was very real for him at the time.  Maybe it's just the brain trying things out, testing to see if the wiring is going back in place!!  He may still ramble in the night, but I've learned to tune-out, and I rarely wake up now.

I think your experiences are connected to stroke and will probably settle down over time.  Very best wishes, keep visiting this site, there are amazing contributors who can support, advise and encourage you!  ?  ?