They all come at once

Nice to see all my grandchildren today 5 plus girlfriends and grandson is staying Thursday till Friday, but sensory overload kicking in then they all disappear especially Easter Friday and weekend are worse as house is empty, had bad weekend just gone couldn’t get into anything on tv and just wander round house, I know I’m not alone feeling like this but just can’t wait for bedtime and wait for them to come home Sunday evening am I being selfish


Mickyboy- It’s human nature to need people. Being alone can be peaceful and restful, but often it is really hard to take-because people NEED company. Hey, here’s an idea–how about a pet? If a dog seems like too much, how about a kitty to fill the lonesome times? :black_cat: Jeanne

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A pet is a good idea for some.
Whether your introvert or extrovert has bearing on what suits.
Having a purpose/ hobby/ interest has bearing
Matching to physical and mental capacity ditto
Eg I like my garden but turning the compost heap is stretching me today but I spent to long on the computer y’day and can’t use the gray matter 2day
I’ve a cat on the lap purring gently at the moment
If y’v limited mobility there are loads of online meeting places that yr ability to post here says you have the pre-reqs to join if you look, else books or painting. If mobile them cafes or clubs cinema, parks, volunteering?
Finding worthwhile ways to enjoye time that balances yr current capabilities is not selfish it’s vital for yr mental health and anyone who does other than help is acting, however well intentioned in a way that should be questioned


I find that people interaction can lift one out of that internal monologue which for me can be unfavourable as it can cause anxiety. So, I don’t think you are being selfish.


Definitely not selfish @Mickyboy we all need company although too much can be exhausting too. Finding that balance is the ideal but not always possible. Enjoy the grandkids visit x

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We have a dog he with me all day, as daughter works before I moved in he was alone Al day we would like to get a cat as we always had dogs and cats, but Ziggy would go nuts if we got a kitten which I did have he used to climb no my and nip my nose when he wanted feeding or sit on top of my head when I’m sitting on sofa, miss him he’s with my other daughter, so don’t know how to intro a cat into him, we have foxes visiting our garden I hear them walk on my summer house I sleep in, been feeling I need to get out but mobility scooter hasn’t been used since last hear summer so need to check battery, have tried to find online chat rooms but no luck must be doing something wrong any ideas you wonderfull lot your my sanity if makes sense mickboy

I’m hosting an online session tomorrow 1pm on the link Launch Meeting - Zoom
There’s normal 2 or 3 of us. Your very welcome to join

Not selfish at all @Mickyboy its totally normal, I’ve been feeling the same, I’m going down the furry friend route, dog walking will get me out and about more and it’s company in the house.

I did try dog walking but he kept on going from one side to other bit annoying as I’m on mobility scooter so gave up, now go out with granddaughter easier and don’t get lost, but as it Easter they’ve all gone away never been so bored in my life

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Mickeyboy-- Just a thought–I play solitaire on my computer. It’s free and gives me something to do. Jeanne

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I’ve got Chinese checkers, Sudoko and nine men’s Morris on my phone all of which were free I can beat the Chinese chequers and do the sudoko but the nine men’s Morris is proving very difficult to beat on strong setting. I don’t lose every game now like I did in a started but I lose a lot

You can also get things like chess and backgammon that you can play other people remotely over the internet and then you can start a conversation and it becomes like going to a club

There’s a woman in the neighbourhood here who takes her Jack Russel walking on her mobility scooter. She keeps him on a short leash while riding and only extends lead for a time when she stops. Could it be your dog just needs a bit training with it.

And just to add a few more games to your arsenal, 2 favourites of mine for brain training Water Connect: all about connecting pipework to trigger water fountains and plants grow.
The second one we can all relate to and called Flow Free: it’s all about linking colours on a grid … just as my brain’s neurons are having to make new connections to other neurons after being fried :laughing:

I will try a shorter lead but he hasn’t got used to me on my scooter yet, don’t really do games as eyesight goes after a while even with glasses on but will try, be glad when kids get back as do miss them around the house and dog been worsts holiday to date, but at least it was sunny and bit warmer thanks to you all for support mick


It’s funny isn’t it…when they’re all there we want peace & quiet then when they’re not there we’d give anything to have them back.

Hope they will be back very soon @Mickyboy make the most of the time till they arrive.

Take care x

You got it in one I just like it when there here even though there on psp or phone and if I’m lucky they will pop down and see me, there all back now thanks mick


Aye, I play chess online with my cousin, he prompted me to do it after stroke. I play through chess [dot] com. It is quite good, although I sometimes forget to take my move and get reminded.

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I’ve used to play my son in dubia

Likewise I’m always forgetting.

You can set yourself up on it so that it prompts you with games with all sorts of random strangers around the world but I seem to lose everything I didn’t used to lose so much!

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Where do you find all these things you can do online, I use my iPad as it’s easy to use, kids here this weekend so all dood not as lonely can’t wee chat live with other strokers

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Probably the half those random strangers are using game hacker apps :unamused:

Oh dear @EmeraldEyes :frowning_face:
Sadly there is a misconception that the internet is 90% fraudsters and they all immediately get a big neon sign pointing out any innocent individual to target specifically and drain bank accounts and nobody ever thought about creating any safeguards

but is it just isn’t true

If you want to play chess then anybody who possibly could hack the chess app would have access to your chess moves. A lot of skilled effort for little reward

if you’ve got a banking app on your phone they can’t jump from one access to another it’s not like breaking into your house and once they are in the house they go from the kitchen to the bedroom

the moment you pick a phone up you have a miniscule risk. 99% of it is social engineering delivered by email that wants you to download rogue programs that pretend to be your bank
Then if you give somebody your password and your fingerprint and your email address and they are fraudsters then maybe but if they have the skills to do it to you they’re much more likely to target a corporation or a blockchain that has assets in the millions because it’s the same amount of effort so they may as well go for a target that’s got the money

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