There's a brand new dance

Jim, an executive for men’s fashion at Next , speaking to Sue, the chief designer.

“I like your next Winter fashion Sue, but let me ask you this. Why have chosen to put buttons on the trousers instead of a zip?”

“I think the buttons give the Chinos a smart , well-to-do look, don’t you think?”

“That’s great Sue, but what about stroke survivors?”

"What about them, Jim?’

“How are stroke survivors going to feel about having buttons on their trousers?”

“Stroke survivors wear trousers?”


Is this a stream of consciousness type thing or is it supposed to imply that stroke survivors only wear a pyjama bottoms or a track suits?


No assumptions, just a little scene that popped into my head as I wrestled with the buttons on my trousers while at the verge of wetting myself.


Oh I see
I initially found a zip almost has awkward My one good hand grasp the tag but I had no way of my trousers from the moving till I worked out how to trap between my ank les the material

I’ve got sufficient function now I can manage a bit easier a challenge…



Me? I just don’t wear them. You all will just have to go Scot and wear a kilt.


@Rups Velcro is your friend. Buy a strip on eBay, cut off the buttons, stick it on. Voila.


@DeAnn haha, if only you could get them on prescription :rofl:


A kilt on prescription?

I think I’ve misunderstood something


@SimonInEdinburgh I don’t think we can buy them over the counter in England :rofl::rofl:


@Strings I think the ones you can buy over the counters are a bit rough and chafe :rofl::see_no_evil:

Or you could improvise (had to remove original pic as admin think it was too explicit🤷)
Personally, I think this isn’t on but hey ho, here’s another less attractive photo

Happy now, admin? Cos I sure the ladies are now a little disappointed, our eye candy had to be removed


Now there’s pic :rofl::rofl::rofl::see_no_evil:


@BakersBunny now there’s a thought and I’ve got a shirt like that. Trouble is I haven’t got a body like that :rofl:


@Strings neither have I! @SimonInEdinburgh isn’t that ripped though :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Hey, you stole my man! A friend of mine visited last year and brought me a keychain back with this very man on it! Or wait…maybe Scots all just look the same without their shirts on?

The owner of my place of employment, (pre-STH), visited and brought all the employees and clients Guiness Chocolates. I guess he didn’t realize. We employees had to eat them all, at least those who weren’t in recovery. …

What you are missing in this story is that I worked at a counseling center for Substance Abuse and Batterer’s Intervention. Most clients were on probation with the court and required to abstain, the rest were in recovery.

If he did realize, I am certain he thought the alcohol cooked out of them. I can say for certain, it did not.


@Rups I only wear trousers with zips, i have found that if i do them up first and slide into them it makes it easier, however i have had to up a size to accommodate this, belts are a nightmare too, but mastered that now too


Aaah now belts and zip flies have been a therapy exercise for me for the last 3 years as well as a seat belts door handles toothbrushes etc etc

I can now do flies belts and seat belts but the toothbrush still defeats me…

Cos I normally wear a jumper over a shirt I have been doing shirt buttons regularly I just leave them undone and I realise after 3 years that that was missing a therapy opportunity that I could have done six buttons a day times 365 days x 3 years Which would have been a lot of finger exercises and I would probably have benefited greatly… Water under now


And I’ve had to change it as it’s too explicit!:roll_eyes:
It’s taken them a week to decide it’s too rude!


@BakersBunny I’ve looked again at that picture and I honestly can’t see anything other than a bloke with his shirt off, but perhaps my imagination isn’t capable of inserting the explicit content.


I didn’t know there were striped tartans. hmmmm. Just looks like an American swimmer wrapped in his beach towel. I’m going to have to re-watch Highlander again to get that picture out of my head.


I’d really like to know is whether it was flagged by a community member or was simply admin pitching in

Then I’d like to know why admin find that picture obscene or was it who posted it and their relationship to me?

If it was flagged I would like to know who by and on what criteria.
that degree of transparency is a material part of having an equitable community because as it stands it gives rise to rumour and speculation which is not a healthy component of community.
If this is the standard then there are posts by other people that I would propose are removed not because in various ways I have less interest or they annoy me and if one person’s opinion is enough to get a post removed let’s go for it and we’ll end up with a forum with no posts and nobody who wants to contribute

I think admins implacable and uncommunicative stance is a little grit over a long time - It is corrosive and the damage accumulates