The ZOG Christmas/Winter Contest 2022 - RESULTS

The assignment:

To be completed before the beginning of December 2022.

Design the front of a Christmas card for the Zoom Open Group. (to be PC, I suggest Winter Festival as an alternative subject title).

Judging has already taken place.

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:christmas_tree: December 1st :christmas_tree:
The day of the grand judging ceremony arrived.
No expense was spared. The judges arrive by motorcade, private jet and helicopter.
They assembled in a specially erected Virtual Bake Off Tent on the lawns of ZOG House.
Cocktails were consumed, canapes munched and a display of fireworks were launched.
The panel of experts carefully examined and discussed the entries to this prestigious event.
After some time a scribe was summoned to draw up a certificate outlining the decision of the illustrious team.
The certificate, inscribed on vellum, is carefully folded and placed in a gold envelope.

:bell: The Awards :bell:
A herald reads from the fine script on the document drawn from the gold envelope.
It has been decided, after careful examination of all the material submitted, to create a special category.
The standard is so high that all those who entered this should be awarded Joint First Place and they should be officially thanked for participating in this year’s fun ZOG event.
The list of Joint First Place successful entries, in order of submission, is displayed below and a Gallery of Winners follows.

The Results
The list of Joint Winners of this prestigious Title,
six in all, in order of submission, follows.

Congratulations to:
Bobbi Loshy Mrs5K Mahoney Bert chris67

Bragging rights are yours all yours. Thank you for taking part.
:partying_face: :christmas_tree:


The Grand Gallery of noble Artists and Crafters
(in order of submission)









A reproduction of The Award Certificate

The ZOG Award Certificate 2022

Thank you to those who took part in this event.
There were some very noteworthy entries.
I hope you had fun getting involved.
There is only a virtual prize, a mystery dream box containing whatever it is you most desire.
Well deserved!
Have a very Merry Christmas.


@Bobbi it was lots of fun taking part thank you. I will take the accolade as was expecting the wooden spoon :rofl::rofl::rofl:

Everyones entries were great & all winners in my eyes too.

Thank you for the fun & merry christmas to all.



Well Done Everyone :clap::clap: Looks like you’ve all had great fun. Merry Christmas to all of you

Regards Sue


I agree with everyone else, it was great fun and @Bobbi - it was a brilliant idea and has given everyone a lot of joy and fun to take part! Well done to everyone​:medal_sports::christmas_tree::trophy::+1:


thats lovely very clever

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Well done you lot, @Bobbi, @Loshy, @Mrs5K, @Mahoney, @Bert, @chris67
The cards are all very pretty.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Thanks @HHilary - you have a great Christmas too;-)


Thank you everyone, contestants, well-wishers, lookers-on, passers-by and anyone I might have missed, it was fun for me, I hope you enjoyed it too.

The best of Seasonal Wishes to you all and I hope you have a very Happy Holiday.

. . . and, as I now seem to be saying all the time,

keep on keepin’ on
:partying_face: :+1:


After careful consideration it is suggested that another, similar event be held on a future not too distant occasion.


thank you, it was great to get my creative juices going again. i do enjoy card making

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Keep on keepin’ on
:partying_face: :+1:

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It is really amazing how Jesus made Snow