The waxing of the car

Just finished the wax and buff off of th car totally miss judged the top on my stamina but it’s done with my good lady helping with the buff off.


That looks fabulous I hope you used your affected arm if not for the whole of it at least for some.

Do you want to spray a hose over it so we can see how nicely all the water beads off it?

Well done


Wish I could Simon still one armed after 3 years unfortunately.


Yes I know that you’re predominantly one armed as in deed was I or should I say am I?

Whatever your capability there’s always the next 1% to attempt - I have the feeling of discuss this before

I can now move my arm but my hand doesn’t work so when I wash the car I put my hand flat on the wash mitt using my left hand to place it and then I get about 5 seconds before the right hand has clawed up again.
If I lift my right foot off the ground I may be get 7 seconds.
That’s up from 4 seconds in the past.

One day it will be 15 seconds and after that 60 and after that functional! :slight_smile:

I couldn’t move the arm in the past but by testing the boundary everyday is slowly inched it back

Car washing is ‘therapy’ for me :slight_smile:
Good luck :slight_smile:


@SimonInEdinburgh show us how the water beads off :rofl: lol


Thanks Simon I can lift my left arm under great strain to my chin using the little further every day so understand you approach. The hand movement is more of a challenge with the claw up a certainly is linked to my left leg The biggest challenge yesterday was enough stamina to work around the car several times, had to move my chair with me and take tests to get it done I wil get some beading pictures when possible thanks for the support, I will get there just not as quickly as I’d like.


Yep all that you say is the same for me. I can do half the car before I need a rest well maybe it’s a third cuz I do one side rest then the other side rest then the front and back

It’s my right arm in my case which it was my dominant arm
when I came out of hospital it was dead from the shoulder downwards and extremely painful .

Within a year I got my a mobile fingers to my navel. Another year and I could get it to shoulder height and I could not believe that the shower door which slides and is held by a rubber magnet was stronger than I had capacity to move with my right arm while my feet drilled holes in the floor from the effort.

At nearly 3 years on I can put my hand behind my head, hold a comb in a gammy sort of way, Opening the shower door no longer requires my right leg etc but seems to stay shut with 25 kilos more ‘stick’ than when I open it with my left hand

Everyday in every way… What’s a thoroughly amazing is the sheer complicatedness of the combination of placements some of which are improving and others of which are not. For example I have a 2 ft long shoe horn which in my left hand serves both feet admirably. If I put it in my right hand which is now able to hold it but not firmly I can use it to put my left shoe on but I cannot get the wrist motion to allow my right hand to place the shoe horn for my right foot shoe. This was a discovery about two or three weeks ago and I’ve had no improvement since but at least it’s now on my agenda

Looking forward to the pics
Best wishes


You have gained so much mobility with your right arm, Simon. Yes, it has taken you 3 years, but I can imagine it was uphill the whole time. The complications I am going through with my leg are off the chart, and a leg is so much less complicated than an arm. In comparison the scapula is an amazingly delicate mechanism.

Good job, mrfrederickson. Satisfying.

ciao, Roland


I’m not too hopeful of the arm returning to any function soon as 3.5 years has yielded nothing major movement wise but I can make the thumb move and fingers fractionally
This means something is connecting just very slowly I’m afraid.


If I could wax the car I’d be delighted. Hence you’re doing just fine.
And slow progress is better than no progress.
And forgive me for asking, but
Is your arm/shoulder in pain? or should I ask has it been in pain?

keep up the good looking car,
ciao, Roland


@mrfrederickson I know you did a good job because I can see the sky in it. Who is that wee puppy on the left? Keep at it Laddie, you’re making progress.


Hi Pandora thanks for the encouragement

The left arm is numb , no pain as yet , mainly the soul of my left foot and. Helped wi 200mg of gabapentin three times a day.


Hi outlander, yes the deep shine autoglym polish does the car justice. The puppy is jack my Labrador at 2 going on three, delightful chap we are very proud of his progress.


Jack hello!! I am training next door’s dog Eddie to be a polar bear. She is a Romanian rescue dog! If you want any tips let me know :polar_bear: :wink:


No pain sounds great for your L arm,
My right leg is okay for one day, and not (all locked) the next…
a pattern that has persisted for 6 months…

ciao, R



:wink: :polar_bear:

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Well today was the aftermath and clean up post waxing,
All the white streaks and the glass clear up

I’m dead and drinking a beer.


Well I’m glad one of those things isn’t true!!!

I will have a can of cider with my supper to join you in relaxing and also celebrating the success of the wax!!

Good job sir :saluting_face:

:polar_bear: :wink:

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which sort did you use?!? :rofl: :wink:

Is Jack allowed a sip? and what beer of choice?!? I find beer weird now - used to love a bitter or some others - I can still have a guiness but mostly a couple of ciders are good for me

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Cheers KGB dog is tea total and I’m an occasional drinker just the 25cl and the French beers from the supermarket.
The TV b you