The stroke team at Bromsgrove Hospital

I would like to that the stroke team at Bromsgrove for there help over the last year . I had two strokes in 2018 , they helped me and my wife Teresa to come to terms with my stroke ,it’s been a long hard journey for Teresa especially the way I’ve been with my emotions , my memory and the weakness in my left side . I’m now going to the life after stroke centre in Bromsgrove for my stength and Balance, I’ll let you know how I get on , thank you for reading this please excuse any mistakes  Dave E

Hi Dave. I have been to the strength and balance class at Bromsgrove and it is very good. I have left side weakness too. However, since my stroke in 2016, I am now much improved and go to local exercise classes in Kidderminster for over 60s. Just keep exercising and you will improve. Good luck to you.

Hope your keeping well John .... Dad starts his next stage of physio next month to strengthen his leg muscles. X

I am okay Karen. I still get my moments of frustration and regret things I cannot do, but things have got better. My strength and balance is much better and my weak arm and hand have so much more control. My fellow exercisers tell me they have seen a great improvement in me, which is heartening. Tell Dad to keep at it. It has taken me three years to get this far and I hope there is more improvement to come.

I been now for two weeks and my left side is slowly getting stronger , also it gives me time out with other stroke survivors , and also gives my wife time for herself

Write stuff down. That's my top memory tip after the stroke. Of course there are times you feel you'll remember. Don't be fooled! I have to phone my physio tomorrow because she gave me an appointment next week, I decided I'd remember when. I don't!!!!

For me the emotionality is lessening with time, but don't sit me in front of a chick flick or I howl.

Weakness - it's a pain isn't it? I get regular physio, I do everything they ask, and I go to the gym. Get some funny looks lifting tiny weights but I don't care! It helps. Anything you find motivating is good.

Keep well and good luck getting back your life. It's changed, accept that and move on. It's not all bad :)