The story so far

Hello… I’m charlie :wave: I had my stroke on the 4th December 2021, I had my life turned upside down and back to front! It took the hospital 4 days to diagnosis, blaming it on my fibromyalgia and as I was only 41 and very fit, I mean, I couldn’t speak, lost the use of my right side, all the classic symptoms. Those four days where hell, I was left in a room to get on with! What gets me though each day is my belief I will ride again, I miss the girls ( cherry and Ma) so much, yes I go up there but I don’t deal with them, but I am getting stronger!


Welcome Charlie. You’re improving already so, hopefully, things will get even better.

I feel that I have been incredibly lucky, thank you for your replys :grin:

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Hi Loshy , cerebellar stroke, same as me , 2.5 years ago. I have FATIGUE & mobility problems, I believe only 2 % only ? how about you? All the best David .

Hello Charlie
I can relate as I’m sure all members on this site can going from an upright/working/socialising person to what is a very sudden dramatic change to the life you led . Scary I know .
I hope you will when you feel the need to pop onto this site & get to know the members on here as I’ve done to be honest the understanding shown on here & what each person has experienced who have in my estimations shown a greater knowledge more than the Dr’s who operated & yes got me back to where I am now . medication/bedside manners & yes there understanding of the brain is their profession & a wonderful job they do but I see it more as a conveyor belt system & once fixed it’s Goodbye & can here them in my mind shouting NEXT so it’s out of hospital & handed over to
physio’s / General doctor & so on
( that’s my own opinion … let me add) …
i’m sure you’ll mend quickly being a younger fellow than my 60 year old self & you’ll get all the support from Cherry & your mum & who knows even this site . I wish you a speedy recovery Charley
B/strong & stiff upper lip I think the English say :slight_smile:

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Loshy, Happy New year :tada:.

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Hello Charlie (@Charly), welcome and blwyddyn Newydd Dda for 2022. I too was misdiagnosed, but misdiagnosed for three months. So, like you, I had a stroke without prior intervention which I really could have done with, so essentially, just had the stroke, and then just managing symptoms. I feel setting milestones is beneficial to recovery, it’s a good way to tick off what you can do, do better, and do well. My goal was to be able to go out foraging again, although a year later, I am still struggling with quite debilitating oculomotor dysfunction, I can do a two hour foraging walk now. I did a nine week mindfulness course recently, and they highlighted the importance of ‘stepping stones’, in the early days of recovery it is very easy to get overly-enthusiastic about achieving things (we have all been guilty of it, and often learned the hard way), and it can lead to a boom-bust cycle, the brain repairs quicker if it paces itself. But every stroke is different for each individual, and every recovery journey is therefore also different. I’m glad you are keeping positive, it’s immensely beneficial for the brain to feel that way during this tough time. Thanks for posting.

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Hi Rups Got an ipad for Christmas but due to-my own stupidity of not listening to my body have been unable to get to grips with it. But managed to bring up one of your earlier postings about selling honey & ceps. My youngest son when a teenager got the knack of locating ceps just at the time when eating fungi became fashionable & made good money . Selling honey was a vital part of keeping our heads above water forty years ago , had six hives that I use to take to the rape fields & rape honey not to everyone’s taste when blended with my main crop a very dark honey was in demand. Remember having one disaster , extractor bolted to floor boards upstairs. 20 national supers to extract. Large electric extractor use to let honey build up inside tank to stabilise it when extracting , was filling large jug when phone rang , sat a bottom of stairs when I was joined by a wave of honey! Opened all windows & door & let every bee for miles around tuck in. Luckily my wife & partner was away at her mothers for few days :pray: Bees did wonderful job. Pds

Hello @Pds, I hope you are finding good use for your iPad. A happy medium between a phone and a laptop. The key is to use it everyday, just familiarising yourself with its functions. I always encourage people to search on the net for ways of doing things, someone has always a step-by-step guide posted on almost every tech problem that exists. Did you have a pleasant Christmas? I got a bit merry on New Year’s eve, paid for it the next day. It wasn’t my intention, but somehow my wine glass was never let empty, and I was too caught up in conversation to put a hand over it. Hangovers and stroke recovery don’t go together, oh well, it was jolly, and I could forget about stroke for an evening which was lovely.

Bees do a marvellous clean-up job. Every year I spin, I put the extractor out for the bees to polish off. One year, like you I had to answer the phone, I had a container full of frames and placed them down on a table in our conservatory. Unaware, my partner had gone in and opened the door to let in some air. Well, in less than half an hour, the entire space was full of bees taking back their bounty. Well, it is their honey after all, albeit, the surplus. Fortunately, I was still in my bee suit, and was able to brush them off the exposed frames, seal the lid, and wait until the cloud of bees had given up.

As my hives are in the orchard, I suspect most of the honey would be apple blossom, although I did grow some anise hyssop for several years next to the hives, and bees being, unrecognisably, lazy would have gone for that no doubt, but I didn’t notice that in the flavour.

Hope you are okay, and rested from the silly season.

Hi Jordan sorry for delay in responding, lost the plot recently & having more dog days than Diamond days. Kept a journal for many months but as I Istarted recovering & getting busier did not see need . Taking it up again so I can check & find what’s derailing me. Folks at Stroke group say I should wear a badge saying “ I’ve been overdoing it again” . they hear it so often. No.6 on your framed card rings a loud bell with me ! Can go for weeks positive then don’t rest enough & something (?) slips in door. Looking back at Christmas period, yes I coped well. I think now the days are starting to lengthen I’ll perk up. An example of not listening to one’s body & suffering. Intriguing play on Radio4 , got too involved ‘Floored me’ 1/2 way through “thought should have a break! Won a free day trip to France from Biggin Hill years ago on private plane. All I wanted to do was enjoy viewing the Earth below & pilot got annoyed cause I had no desire to take over controls for 5 minutes but luckily he perked up when my wife demanded to have go. Please don’t ask what make of aircraft. Keep Well. Pds