The saga continues -upset stomach

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I struggled with handling an upset stomach and stroke mobility issues, basically not moving quick enough to get to a toilet.well the upset tummy returned with a vengeful delight, I have had so many accidents I’ve lost count I ended up ointhe showerbefore going back to bed finally.i have taken the pills to stop it and only drunk way and only a ginger biscuit until twelve hours has passed with no normal good in an attempt to kill it off once poor dear wife has resorted to bagging and binning my spoiled clothes. To make it worse no washing machine as it was disconnected in the kitchen refit

Hoping things will settle down and boring normal is thway forward

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Sorry to hear this. Worth checking for a cause with your gp. Unfortunately, we all have setbacks as we recover, but yours must feel most embarrassing.

So sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I guess dry crackers don’t help? They always settle me. I’ll be praying for you tonight that this will be over with. :slightly_smiling_face: :heart:Jeanne

My biggest annoyance is why my luck is so bad that I get diahorrea on top of a stroke, no good news just sufferance pretty fed up, I want some good luck and good news

@mrfrederickson so sorry to hear you’re still suffering like this. I would advise a GP visit as you shouldn’t have to put up with it. There could be a simple cause that can be easily rectified.
A horrible situation for you. Really feel for you & your wife.
Best wishes.

Thanks for your supporting responses
Following life experiences and a bit of internet doctors I have fasted for 22 hours and only eating crackers and, and Apple pie. So far so good tonight will tellpray for me

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Hmmm Yes on the crackers. Apple pie :thinking:

Well no bad event s over night over12 Hours clear may have cracked it

I hope so @mrfrederickson
If it keeps recurring though please see you GP. There is so much they can do for you.

You may need to adopt a BRAT diet, “bananas, rice, apples, toast.” Life can get messy sometimes, and etiquette becomes redundant. I hope that your dicky tummy resolves itself soon.

You are on my page adopted it and bingo upset tummy nearly normal

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Thanks will see GP if it persists

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I had the same thing although it doesn’t follow that it was necessarily the same cause.

Just to say that in my case it was the anti-coagulant medication that seemed to be the main problem. I was first put on dabigatran (Pradaxa). Disaster, and as well as the embarrassment I was losing weight rapidly. Later the GP changed the medication to apixaban (Eliquis). It took a long time to make much difference but in the end things became a bit more manageable. That, plus adjusting your diet, as others have suggested, to avoid things that seem to bring it on. Still have an upset stomach from time to time but any improvement makes a .difference. Doesn’t seem to be any chance of going back to carefree pre-stroke conditions! But definitely worth asking your GP if a change of medication might help. (I’m not saying that one medication is better than another for everyone, but finding what works better for each individual. It can make a difference.)

Best wishes to you and hope things improve.

Back to normal now thank you for all your words of support my stomach is now less painful and not Fleming to the bathroom with fear an aprehension

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