The Olden Days, ever onward

When I was young, many, many, many moons ago, in fact, maybe a bit before that. Before, even, there was a moon and certainly before anybody claimed to have been there.
This was a time when everything was black and white. Only artists and people of feverish disposition saw colours.

We ate eggs and cheese and butter and bread and potatoes, all considered very good for us. We ate cabbage and carrots without a great deal of protest or need of encouragement. Fruit was only around and available in season at certain times of year. There certainly wasn’t five sorts in the shops all the year round. There was root veggies over winter, salad veggies in summer and we were used to that. In fact, very nice thank you.

To be honest, its remarkable that before five-a-day, avocado on toast, artificial sweeteners, reduced salt, reduced fat and regular anti-viral drugs, how mankind managed to survive for the last three hundred thousand years.

It is so lucky all this was discovered and introduced in the last sixty or seventy years. We have a lot to thank these pharmacists and scientists for, haven’t we?
I mean, what might have happened without them?

Three hundred thousand years of not recycling has put us in this predicament.

We now have a lot of catching up to do!


was brought up living above greengrocers shop where my father worked. No supermarkets in town, that dates me. Basic vegetables non of this fancy stuff shipped or flown halfway across was exciting when fruit arrived in its proper season. No frozen food or ready meals, I’m sounding like a dinosaur here. And remember the ‘National Loaf’ the standard bread loaf for all, price set by the Government, ok a basic white with added wheat germ and other minerals but baked not steamed.
We live like kings and Queens now while half the world starves. Thank the pharmacists as I pop my pills each day and the NHS, not perfect but there for us, we live in a beautiful but puzzling world and as a SS I’m grateful I’m still here.