The new My Stroke Guide is coming

We are working hard to bring you a new forum with a much better experience. We are also working on improving the content site. Head over to the new forum to test it out. Follow this link Read all about the changes here


I've had a brief look at the new format for the guide and have to say it doesn't appear to be that user friendly, if anything it appears to be more complicated to use. When it goes live I'll still try to register, it may just be a bit disjointed at the moment.


Hi yes I had a look and thought exactly the same as you ,took me long enough to get used to this ?..pippy x

It didn't impress me.  I hope they keep this one, too.  Jeanne

It's difficult to tell how it will work when there isn't any content.
The big criticism of the current site (in my opinion) is that the number of latest posts displayed is so limited. Unless you're looking at the site constantly it's very easy to miss a new post, especially if something posted generates several replies. 

Hi Jeanne, I hope the update improves the chat access workability for users. It’s something which has been around since this version came into being in 2018! To see some of the comments from that time then: Go to Forums, then type in the keyword search the word: Frustration. This will bring up a number of entries, scroll down the list to the sixth one which is headed Frustration by NicABella21 and click on the heading Frustration. These comments go back to 2018 and are still relevant, the contributors who have been around since the beginning will be hopeful that these frustrations will be addressed in the update. Best wishes Pat 

For anyone who may be interested the Stroke Foundation Australia has a very good website and a stroke survivors and careers forum ( Some things they chat about aren't relevant to here in the UK  ( such as care) but the site is easy to use and I've found some of the topics they discuss very helpful. The site is easy to navigate. 

Hi @Mahoney, we will be transferring all your posts to the new forum so you can see how easy it will be to find things you've posted before or save something to read later. We will do a test import so you can see what the site looks like before we go live.

Thanks Ann, we are learning a lot from Enable me and are using the thinking to make improvements as we develop the new site.

Hi Ann,

When it goes live you won't have to re-register; you will be able to login as usual. We might ask people to use stronger passwords though. If you have a Gmail account you can also use that to login without having to remember your password.

In the new forum you can click on the 'latest posts' button to show what's new. If someone replies to something you've posted or replied to, you will see a red dot on your profile pic in the top right hand corner.

Thank you. That sounds much more user friendly. 

Are we able to make suggestions after it has been implemented? My intial concerns are to do with colours and text, so design. As Jane has said, it needs to reflect the capabilities across the spectrum of stroke disability. Certainly, the functionality improvements will be welcome, I would also like to suggest a similiar acknowledgement system as used by Mind where they have, I think, three different response icons "I hear you", "I am thinking of you", and "love". This enables people to respond appropriately if they aren't writing a reply, as not all posts are positive, and so a "like" or 'love" is a bit redundant and confusing if the poster is expressing a negative circumstance, having the other options makes the reactions more dynamic and applicable to the post. I am all for being able to look at recent posts and reactions at a glance, I think this is important as not to lose threads of conversation. I have noticed on this version some posts are recently responded to, and those posts can be months old, sometimes years. And although the recent response is relevant, it does get lost in a sort of time-lapse. These are my observations so far. 

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Well said Rups.

I really like the idea of the different response icons, it lets the person who wrote the post know others are responding to what they have written. 

On 2 November My Stroke Guide will be unavailable due to website maintenance

On 2 November My Stroke Guide will be down due to website maintenance and will be back up again on 3 November.

With new and improved features and a new forum, My Stroke Guide will be more accessible and will be easier to use to help more people rebuild their lives after stroke.

For security reasons, the first time you access the new forum you will be prompted to change your password.

We're looking forward to welcoming more people to the site and hope you'll continue to access the forum, where you can chat with others affected by stroke, join groups, make friends and find out how they manage recovery.

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