The little things

It has been a good few years since my stroke in 2004. You don't realise what you cant do until you try to do it. I still find things that I struggle with now. Especially using a knife and fork at the same time. Its something that has eluded me for so long. When I had my stroke I was a lefty and loss of feeling down my left side pushed me to train my right hand to take over. Writing is managed well now but cutting never worked. Until last week when my son was ill and he asked me to chop his food up. I still don't know how I did it, but I did. I haven't managed again yet. I did a little jig, my son thinks I'm mad. Lol

Even things like cutting food is a massive achievement after a stroke - so well done you! I think a little jig is perfectly acceptable! laugh


Your post is encouraging. I had a stroke over 2 years ago. Some rapid improvements but then things slowed down. Since I was 20 (many years ago) I have been touch typing - all fingers without looking - after the stroke I couldn't do it anymore. I tried for 6-7 weeks thinking it might came back, then gave it up. Then, like you, 18 months later I sat down one day to key in an email and was half way down the second paragraph when I realised I was back to the old touch typing. I think things improve in the background and often without us noticing. A big encouragement.


I like the observation that little things happen in the background without us always noticing, especially after a long period. I am two years post stroke now and not recovered, whatever that might mean. I still have significant mobility difficulties and I have no use of my left hand yet. I reaised recently that I have have developed a great appetite and capacity for reading  soonater th stroke I found reading very tiring and woul often lose my place in the book or find it hard to follow a complex plot line. it has changed  I cant get enough of it now  and am getting through that backog of English literature that I d promised myself for years. i changed quietly in the background aand has been really encouraging 

 good luck to you 


Good on you Tony. And there are a lot of books out there, aren't there? 

This is a challenge isn't it? Up days and down days. Today I had a poorer day - falling asleep whenever I had a few minutes on my own. Just really knackered. Other days are OK. I hope you are finding a way through this Tony. Maybe we need to focus on the small, unnoticed, improvements and remember that this is a long term process.

All the best,


hi iain I have tried to follow other guidance on fatigue which is a big issue, and listen towhat thebody is saying. sometimes it is so heavy it is hard to actually rest. I started keeping a log of fatigue days to see if I could identify any specific triggers. I graded intensity  1to 10 with 1as hardly at all and 10 worst ever. it comes in episodes for me and can takeup to 10 days to start to lift.  I was able to get back to work. I am finding though that work stress can contribute. intense meetings or deadlines.  I try and pace things to avoid that kind of stuff  medical appointments can take a toll, especially hospital ones with lots of waiting. even late nights talking to the family can knock me back. I was given  a leaflet a while back aimed at people with chronic fatigue syndrome or ME. whichI found useful the me association has a website an if you do a search on neurological fatigue you can find some useful stuff.  hope you can get through the fog. many of the posts on this site talk about it, it is really common experience  we have sustained a big injury and it takes a lot of time and energy to heal

I just finished reading Moby Dick. strange book, the whale doesn't appear until nearly the end.  derevedly praised as a classic. thwre are some brilliant set pieces in it.  I was always a bit of a sci fi fan  so working my way through the sci fi classics read most of Philip K Dick in recent weeks. I m not sure what to tackle next. my only criterion now is it has to be at least 400 pages. so I count that towards recovering some stamina.


let us know how it goes. thanks for the reply, I appreciated that.

good luck to you

best wishes 


I’m 42 yrs old and 2 years post stroke and whilst I’ve made great recovery I still stuggle with some things one being I can not spread butter on a piece of bread. Not sure why?? It’s so odd but I spread it like a toddler would... never had this problem before. It can be frustrating if I’m out for dinner with friends. I can cut my food although not much strength in my right hand. But it’s something that puzzles me so much 

My little thing today  was to put the recycling bin out for collection and to bring it back into the garden.  I walk with a wheeled rollator frame indoors and out. I'm gaining confidence and proficiency with 2 sticks.  But I managed with a combination of the bin and sticks to get the bin in and out.  I'm sure anybody watching would have thought I was walking very strangely but right now I don't care.  Something else to add to the things I have done post my stroke;  24 weeks ago. I had a haemorrhage type stroke that affected my dominant right side leaving me paralysed for the first 6 weeks. But fortunately since then I have been able to make slow and steady progress.  Encouraged and inspired by my fellow S.S's. 

I walked into my sons house yesterday and his guitar was I picked it up....and made a noise lol. I managed to play 2 simple chords...not well and didn’t change very being 14 again and starting to learn from scratch...but an improvement on my last effort when I couldn’t get my fingers of my left hand in the right place or strong enough to hold the strings down...yet one more move in the right direction ?

It's very strange how SS suddenly manage to do something that surprises!!  This morning my husband lit the wood-burner - this time last year it was a real challenge for him, and he needed to be sitting on a chair to perform this task, but today he managed to crouch to load the wood and then stand up again without any assistance!  We walked miles and miles around Bruges this week, so maybe the additional strength in his leg muscles enabled him to do this!  I'll have to start making him a new "To Do" list, or go on another holiday?!!  Good luck with the guitar, a hard task at the best of times, but brilliant for co-ordination and dexterity ???

Hi Kay, don't forget that you're also an inspiration, clearly pushing yourself to do those challenging  tasks, never giving up - you're one of the stars of this site ⭐️ These are not little achievements.  I have another possible event for the SS Olympics, never mind buttering toast, what about Pumpkin Carving   

What a scary pumpkin! 

Thank you! for the kind words.  Today I bit the bullet about getting the battery charged so I can drive my car.  I've had an email from the DVLA saying I can drive until they tell me I can't for a couple of weeks.   But I've done nothing about it.  Finally got my act together.  I also have made plans to go to the gym for another session. Making 3 times a week.  I got the date of my next interview to plan my return to work. 20th of November. So fingers crossed I can meet their expectations.    

Love the new event for the SS Olympics.  Fun plus fab source of soup ingredients.  xx???


The pumpkin is a self-portait!! ? 

You've been busy getting all your ducks in a row - I'm worn out just thinking about it ?

The first time my husband drove the car was 5 months after his stroke. One day he just felt the time was right - drove to a roundabout approx 4 miles away, went straight around and back home again, he was really shaky afterwards but it was a massive milestone as he has always enjoyed driving, and it was something that made him feel 'normal' again.  Just last week we went over to Belgium and he was able to do most of the driving, even though he'd been aprehensive about driving on the right-handside of the road he was fine.  We haven't been abroad since 2016, and it was something I wondered if we'd ever be able to do again.  

When you start to drive again be prepared to find the levels of concentration quite tiring - it's a huge amount of multi-tasking so choose your moment!!  Very best of luck with all your plans xx

Thanks! xx

Normally I would celebrate the extra hour we get in bed at this time of year.  But for some reason this year post my stroke I have found it unsettling.  Not been worried about anything just when I woke up I just didn't like it . Oh well something else to add to the mix of my funny stroke brain. 

Hope everyone else enjoyed the extra time.

Kay ???? 


We forgot to put the clocks back even though we’d spoken about it during the day so not best pleased to be up at 6:30 instead of usual 7:30. I don’t feel great in the morning but am getting there slowly I think. 

Thanks and good luck to you both...enjoy the walks ??‍♂️?‍♀️

Poor you! 

Hope your day gets better. 

Any activity that distracts from "I can't" is worthwhile. Doesn't have to be expensive, or glamorous. I've found a short to medium walk does wonders. It's at great opportunity to appreciate the surroundings, get valuable fresh air in the lungs, and clear out the cobwebs. I've come across places, virtually on my doorstep, that are full of history or nature that I didn't know about.


A holiday is a great idea, as that requires research, which is interesting in itself. Then there is the excitement of going somewhere different for a short while. Again, this does not mean a huge expense. I went to Rothbury in Northumberland this summer, and had a fantastic time. Cooked up loads of walking miles without really noticing. So much to see and do.

Ah thanks. I always start the day badly and pick up during the day as long as I don’t overdo things. Today I’m going out for lunch with hubby, daughter and son-in-law then back home to make Christmas cake no3. Tonight I’ll watch ‘Strictly’ wonder who’ll go tonight.

Hope you have good day.