The gorilla in your house

Came across this post
The Gorilla in Your House | ASone (

Some people may find it helpful to explain to effects of acquiring a disability.


That was a good read my gorilla is really playing up this morning :smiling_face_with_tear:

Thanks for sharing. I enjoyed reading it…my gorilla was very mischievous the other day :grin:

It would appear that they original article has been taken down because it’s not on the link at the head of this thread anymore

however there is a plausibly related post at

Having not read the original I can’t tell if this is it repurposed - but they’re still still worth reading :slight_smile:

It makes valid points over and over via analogy. The one I like best is the crystal waving that bores the gorilla put wonders off and then the claim to have succeeded and the other crystal waivers aren’t doing it right. I’ve met PT’s and OTs who are in the other 99 camp

There is much sagacity in gorilla management tip 3. It is the whole of this forum perhaps :slight_smile:

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