The "Good" thing about my stroke?

Well not sure if it is a Good thing, but tell me what you think. As you know when in hospital you get many tests including blood tests. About a week into my stroke, one of the main doctors came to my bedside and said “we don’t know why your white and red blood cells are in such high number”. They called in an oncologist and a blood cancer was the culprit. They put me on a chemo pill right away and I’ve been taking the pill everyday for over a year now.
The pill, so far, has stabilized everything and works like a charm. This blood disorder makes the blood very thick and could have caused the stroke.
If this was not detected it could have led to Leukemia…very nasty.
Thanks and NO Thanks Mr. Stroke.


Brilliant attitude Derek!!

May I ask what kind of blood cancer you have? and what your white blood count was as I had a 29 and then DNA bloods but unfortunately or fortunately I don’t seem to have ‘sticky blood’

I’m very very interested as I have been through something similar…

Please if you don’t mind what drugs too?



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@KGB Hi Kieran: I can’t remember the count (over a year ago) but here you go:
The Condition is Myleoproliferative disorder and the drug is Hydroxyuria. Both a mouthful eh? Only side effect for me on the drug is constipation, but a wee bit of prune juice at night and no problem (too much information?) :smile:
I go for testing every two months and the oncologist is very happy…so far.


@Outlander sorry to read that you’re going through this but guess if you hadn’t had your stroke then things could have been a lot worse before you realised anything was wrong. For that I guess it’s a good thing.

I was diagnosed with a Pre cancerous condition after my stroke and i am now being regularly monitored and will be for rest of my life so guess I too have a good thing that came from my stroke. Although sometimes I’m undecided on whether I’d have preferred not knowing as what I don’t know about I can’t worry about.

Glad to hear your treatment has stabilised things for you and long may that continue.


@Mrs5K We are between a rock and a hard place. All the best and prayers for you.


Ah ha that makes sense!

What a horrible disorder!

Glad the

Is helping!!

Not for me!! Don;t get me started on ‘down there’!!!

Excellent! Keep cool

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Do they tell you your counts when you go for your checkups?!?

Sorry I’m just very interested! as my whites are now stable at around 15-20 but that’s not very good with no disorder found!!

Do you know what the marker was in your (I assume) DNA blood tests?

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While in hospital, I recall looking through pages and pages of information into causes for stroke, from the most common to the most obscure. I began to realise that without medical practitioners checking every nook and cranny of a person’s being, it is almost impossible to be clued up on what is potentially on its way. Glad you flagged that one though.


I really want just one little one flagged please docs!!!

But I know it’s ok - more you discount the more you can chalk off - the heart loop recorder will be fun!

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I know a little about myeloproliferative disorders, as my mother had a very rare bone marrow disease called autoimmune aplastic anemia. Hers was autoimmune, but most bone marrow diseases are cancerous or pre-cancerous like MDS…

Myeloproliferative diseases can be an abundance of red blood cells (polycythemia vera) . Some also cause an overload of neutrophils or lymphocytes. And some cause and excess of platelets. They are quite rare, but not as rare as aplastic anemia, red cell aplasia, or PNH.

Best of luck with your blood disease. You should be just fine.


@Matthew1798 Thanks for the info and your best wishes.



Haven’t heard from you in quite awhile. Missing your presence. Tried to add you to a group message but your messages are disabled. I hope you will have some free time to stop by and let us know how you are doing and what you are up to.


I can msg Derek (and did last week).
Don’t think I’m breaking a confidence to just say he is “recovering from surgery”


Oh good, thats a relief. Hope its going well for him :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers::pray:


Hope his recovery is going well. Give him my best if you message again.

Thank you.

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Will do

Chars to make 20 :frowning: