The future of peer support?

Last year I penned a few thoughts on the use of digital community (like this one) to evolve & build peer support.

I’m looking to share ideas with others - no idea of it leads to anything or what it may lead to

The thoughts are a mix of the tech but just as enabler. The real useful but is when people are connected
So It’s not Technology knowledge that matters. That ISN’T the really useful contribution.

Useful contribs are: empathy, inclusion, energy, interest, need and much more and at the early stages what creates community online.


Peer Support (on Linked-In)

Feel free to share, be inspired, comment, take the ideas and use,… etc

There are comment after the article. One from a SS and OT is worth reading as is (imho) my expansion of the rationale

@Bobbi I mention this yesterday
@Rups Bobbi thought y’d be more likely to read this than him! :smile:


Bore da, sounds like a good read, right up my alley, as in a past life where I taught emerging technologies and ubiquitous spaces for ten years before turning to mud and pigs.


Shwmae @SimonInEdinburgh, I read through this a week ago, and took some time to mull over it. When I was doing my undergraduate degree, I had a brilliant teacher who was an innovator in immersive spaces. I had one subject that was held entirely in a MOO (MUD object-orientated space), this was in the 1990s. I also remember being a part of Second Life, in fact, I still have an avatar I haven’t revisited since the early 2000s. For me, personally, I think there is a lot more to be done in regards to software architecture as opposed to virtual platforms. I am slightly going off on a tangent here :laughing: but, aye, I do concur with everything you have written from the standpoint of enabling spaces. I can’t help but correlate it with historic information technologies. Especially, thinking of Voltaire who was a prolific pamphleteer, and had enthusiasm for medical related matters. This use of widely distributed print would have been rather beneficial for those who were unable to access medical information. A subset of our digital landscape.

My son plays a game on the Nintendo Switch called Animal Crossing, the game has real-time interactivity with other players, allowing travel to different islands, the facility to learn by curating museums, and other such gameplay which includes text communication. It’s a shame that there is a division between game consoles and personal computers, and mobile devices. Game consoles offer a much more fluid virtual experience, and have the hardware to adapt to physical impairments, but are intrinsically tied to a demographic market that excludes the ubiquitous knowledge pool that has become part of personal computing for the wider community. I digress again :laughing:.


there is much we can do here :slight_smile:
did you also read the comments? theres a good one from Lucinda and i added some extra context because im still discovering the extent to which some able (even med staff) people ‘dont get it’ needs to be more illustrative

Many of the virtual worlds i referenced such as virbella do run on gaming engines!

I wrote a post this week on using zoom & google meets for 24x7 always available for free to anyone - like a park bench or village hall/ village green - its currently with the engagement team so they understand a little more and can thus be more onboard - ive been chivvying away for some months and the stars are aligning, also ive raised with the digital products team

i am not just talking to 1 org but to any i can and as i just posted elsewhere there are a lot of orgs

Ive a few professors & start up ceos interested to at least talk more. ive asked for a group organisers community as well where hopefully there be some busy people (ie movers & doers) who’ll discuss and be inspired.

love to chat with you (and anyone) about ideas


Sure, I am always keen to stir my neurotransmitters into motion. Just send me a message. :grinning:

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@Rups this is evidence of my cognative deficit! early Feb to late June!
maybe we should make a time?
how about next week? if your still interested?

Aye, name a date and time, and I will endeavour to be there. Was it Douglas Adams? “”Time is an illusion, lunchtime, doubly so.”

I remember so long and thanks for all the fish because Douglas Adams and something about panicking and a towel

What suits you better morning the afternoons or evenings? one day next week suits fine for me :slight_smile: none recommends itself over others. I can send you details

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And the meaning of life is 42 :rofl::rofl:

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