The Funny Side

There’s not much funny about a stroke but i thought I’d share a couple of things that happened to me recently which had me & others laughing loads once I finished saying ouch of course :grin:

Since my stroke I have a left leg that doesn’t do as it’s meant to. Part of that is if I lift it up (with my hands as it won’t lift itself) and let it go it just drops straight to the floor. When getting out of bed the other morning for some reason I put my right foot out first (I usually do my left). There my right foot was minding it’s own business when a heavy uncontrolled left foot decided to take a shine to it and stamped right on it. Now I wouldn’t have minded but I have enough trouble walking without damaging my good foot :rofl:

Then just a few days later my left leg was feeling a bit mischievous again. This time it was first out of bed. But it hit the floor so fast that the momentum pulled me out of bed and turned me over so I was now face down on the floor. As I was trying to get back up my hubby glanced over saying what are you doing? Well, you know I thought the floor would be more comfy than the bed :grin:

A couple of days ago I decided it was time to make my mid morning cuppa. I went, as usual, to rescue the coffee from the cupboard but couldn’t find it. I was a little baffled as it had been in it’s usual place earlier that day. I emptied the shelf thinking it might have snuck to the back…but no it wasn’t there. Much searching ensued including looking in the recycling bin in case it was empty (although I was convinced it was a new jar). Still no luck so decided I’d give up & have tea instead. As I placed the tea bag in my cup there was the coffee jar standing tall & proud right next to my mug. I’m sure it was smirking at me :blush::blush:

I’d love to hear your funny stories.


I was once in my local shopping centre and had been sat down for a few minutes. When I got up I was struggling to start moving. A passing gentleman stopped and asked if I was OK. I explained about my stroke issues and that it sometimes takes a while to get moving.
I said to him ‘‘sometimes I just have to talk to my legs and tell them to get going’’. The gentleman was most amused by the expression I had used. I understood that he was only laughing at the expression I had used and not my condition. We both ended up having a good chuckle!


@sunnyday I love it. I often talk to my left leg too. Not that it ever listens :rofl:


I used to be one whole now I’m split into two halves. One is called Roland and the other Ronald, who is only 14 months old. Anyway, they often argue and fight each other. Of course this also means my wife now has two husbands. In time, I hope they will get along better, and things should even out a lot more.


I like the title of this thread - lots of us are here because we’ve got that funny side.

. . . and thanks guys for sharing your experiences.

It’s lucky someone gave us a chuckle muscle, without it things would seem very bleak.

Keep on keepin’ on chucklin’
:writing_hand: :laughing: :heart:


Mrs5K. I too have a very strong willed left leg! My likes to place itself firmly on the ground and refuse to move! That’s all very well but if I’m not careful it tends to make me pitch forward to which my husband like yours comes out with “what are you doing?”. I will not repeat my answer!


@pando i’m sure your wife appreciates her 2 husbands loads :grin: i hope in time 2 will become 1 again.

@Apple left legs appear to be very mischievous legs don’t they :rofl: mine has got me into some bother & it takes no jotice at all when I tell it off. :grin:

@Bobbi i very much like to use my chuckle muscle :grin: